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   Chapter 129 Crystal, Must You Do This

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Spencer felt like something was out of his control, and he grew impatient and said coldly, "Crystal, it seems that the Magic Water doesn't work on you!"

Crystal couldn't help clenching her fists. This feeling that the man wanted to control her all the time was really... Damn it!

Crystal had been well prepared the moment she came back to City A. The companies that she had asked Terry to purchase seemed to have nothing to do with the establishment of the Mu's group, but in fact, they could also become a fatal blow to each company.

As for the man in front of her, she would disassociate herself from him sooner or later. She was not ungrateful, but she just felt that he could betray her good friend, Edgar. Likewise, he could kill Crystal. He was a dangerous demon. He wanted the CHUANGMEI group and the Hengli Group in order to destroy them all at once, so that he could make the Mu's group stronger. However, the CHUANGMEI group belongs to Paul. She had promised him to help him get it back. She couldn't break her words.

At the thought of this, Crystal withdrew her anger and said calmly, "Mr. Spencer, don't worry. I will do what I have promised you. I know helping you is also helping me. They are our common enemy. I will never be softhearted! "

Spencer smiled with satisfaction. "That's good! Crystal, I hope you can make good use of your identity as Lena. In the past two years, the CHUANGMEI group and the Hengli Group has been developing the jewelry industry. Next, I will let you use your design to get the big cooperation with Cora for the Mu's group. Can you do it? "

Crystal nodded with a cold heart and said, "since Mr. Spencer have asked, of course Crystal should obey!"

"Don't worry, Crystal. I won't make you bored! I've heard that Mia, the new president of the CHUANGMEI group, will also attend the election. You will meet her soon! "

Just as Spencer had expected, Crystal suddenly showed an interest. A smile emerged at the corners of her mouth. 'finally, I can see Mia!' she thought!

Actually, she could have met Mia if she arranged it. But she really hoped that she could see Mia losing face.

With a sly smile, Crystal said, "Mr. Spencer, I won't let you down."


e gossips, Mia and Colin were good friends outside, but in fact they hit each other like crazy. But because the CHUANGMEI group has purchased the Hengli Group, so now they are fight for being the executive director. "

Crystal said, "how did she get Hengli Group three years ago?"

"When the Hengli Group was not stable, Mia bribed several old shareholders of the Hengli Group to support her being the CEO and threatened them with their family. Under the condition of family change in Edgar's family, Mia got it easily. And in these two days, as a CEO, she has made full use of her identity to bring endless interest to the Hengli Group. So she has been very stable in the chair she is holding now. "

After hearing that. Crystal began to think. The only way to defeat Mia was to make her accused of corruption and bribery.

The more she bribed, the more likely she would be sent to the jail. Crystal was not a kind person. Three years ago, she was sent to prison due to Edgar and Olivia. She believed that Mia must be involved as well.

Thinking of this, Crystal smiled coldly and ordered, "pay attention to the people who often meet with Mia! We can start with the people around her. "

"Yes, Ms. Crystal!"

Suddenly, something occurred to Toby. He looked confused: "Oh! Ms. Crystal, you asked me to send people to follow Edgar, and today he took that little guy back to C Town! "

Crystal was surprised. Why would Edgar go back there? Is it about sister's body?

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