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   Chapter 127 Edgar's Suspicion (1)

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Before Edward could say his words, Edgar, who was leaning lazily against the back seat, said casually, "you want to ask why Crystal let Hilary go so easily, don't you?"

Edward nodding, "in fact, she could have continued threatening us in order to achieve more aims!

Edgar replied, "She knows me very well. She knows I'm not the kind of person who would keep calm after being given a slap. Besides, she's a smart girl who knows when to stop! If she isn't careful, she did it on purpose! "

At this moment, there was a look of shock on Edward's face. "It was on purpose! Edgar, do you mean that Crystal has always been against you? "

Seeing Hilary fall asleep, Edgar held him in his arms gently and continued, "she had monopolized the Dragon Tiger Gang at the beginning, and then occupied Sorrow in City A. This step should have been planned beforehand! And there are two possibilities for her deliberately targeting me. One is that she was used by someone, and the other is that she has a grudge against me! "

Edward said, "Be taken advantage of? Then is Mia behind all this? "

Holding Hilary in his arms, Edgar moved backward and said, "no, it won't be! From the way Crystal worked, she and Mia were not the same kind of people! Mia was vicious. She would do anything to achieve her goal! Even if the family around her were for her good, she would not hesitate to step on them, while Crystal was kind-hearted by nature though she has a lot of tricks. Otherwise, she would not take good care of Hilary! If it was Mia who had kidnapped Hilary, things would be different when Hilary came back. This time, the kidnapping did not leave any shadow on Hilary, and they even became friends! So from this point of view, she is not one of Mia's people? "

Edward was enlightened, "so, she has a grudge against you? But I don't remember that you have such an enemy? Six years ago, you made Mia hate you, who else would also hate you and be your enemy? "

Looking out of the

level departments to let them and Edward take charge of the Luo group one by one. At the same time, he sent his own dark guard to keep an eye on the movement of the CHUANGMEI group and the Hengli group.

In the past three years, Mia seldom fought with Edgar, which made him more certain that it was not that she had changed her mind, but that she was preparing a bigger plot, He clearly remembered that although, on the surface, his father's death had nothing to do with Mia, he knew that necessary actions were all started by Mia. In terms for the mysterious man behind Mia, through the three years of fighting against him, Edgar thought that the person was about to appear. Furthermore, they would meet soon.

Thinking of this, Edgar glanced coldly at the people who were respectfully standing in front of him and said, "this time, I give you the task. If you make any mistake, you will always be trained in dark shadow's training base. Got it!"

People were all shocked, "yes, Mr. Edgar!"

People in the Luo group were all from the shadow. The Luo group was as solid as an iron wall. He wasn't afraid of losing it.

He said, "as for the charity investment, Edward, please invite several stars in the entertainment industry to do some advertising for our Luo group. And help to rebuild the image of our company. "

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