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   Chapter 126 Memories (2)

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Edward thought that he could scold Edgar to wake him up, but he found that he was wrong! How ridiculous!

He saw that Edgar took his coat and walked outside.

"Edgar, where are you going?"

Without turning his head, Edgar said coldly, "Go to pick up my son from Sorrow! Take my son and go to C city to find his mother! "

"Damn it! It turns out that I cast pearls before swine! "

Hearing that, Edgar, who was about to get on the car, paused and then retreated.

Just now, it seemed that someone had said that he ... cast pearls before swine! Good!

Edgar glimpsed at Edward and said coldly, "I heard that the my lab needs a director. Edward, you can take the position tomorrow!"

One second ago, Edward looked angry, and the next, he had an urge to vent his anger.

He strode towards Edgar, and said, "Mr. Edgar! I I'm sorry! I'm talking about you I I'm the swine! I No! Mr. Edgar! Please take back your words. "

They got on the car. Sitting on the back seat, Edgar answered, "No room for negotiation!"

Edward's legs were shaking! The lab was an area of at least 35 degree zero, is all about snake and bugs. What's more, it was full of various kinds of snake breeds. Everyone in the Shadow knew that Edward's was afraid of snakes. The director of the lab, who seemed to be a supervisor, but everybody knew that it was a steward who was in charge of snakes and bugs.

All of a sudden, Edward, who was driving the car, felt so aggrieved that he wanted to cry!

"Mr. Edgar, how about we? "

"Sorrow! "

With an embarrassed look on his face, Edward said, "boss! But how about your company's affairs? "

"I will make you handle it!"

"Are you saying that I don't need to take charge of the laboratory?"

Edgar rolled his eyes at him and replied, "I'm talking about the business. You can report to me with your computer in the lab!"

"Ah! Oh!" It seemed that something was inevitable. Snakes! He was afraid of snakes! 'damn it! It is the worst comes to the worst!

In addition

ot just words. '

Just as Terry was in a dilemma, he looked up, only to find that Edgar was no longer there. All of a sudden, he heaved a sigh of relief.

Edgar tucked Hilary into the car gently, while taking the driver's seat. Hilary behaved well all the way, which was somewhat abnormal.

Hearing that, Edgar turned his head slightly to look at Hilary. "What's wrong, Hilary? Aren't you happy to go back with dad? "

"I just feel a little sad to depart from uncle Toby. And aunt Crystal... "

Frowning, Edgar asked, "Are they very kind to you?"

"Of course. They are all very good to me. They take me out to play every day!"

Edgar looked at Hilary and said, "You're being naive, kid."

Sure enough, the world of children was full of innocence.

Hilary nodded and said, "it's what aunt Crystal said."

Hearing that, Edgar's eyes turned slight. "Crystal, what else did she say?"

Hilary said in a baby's voice, "Nothing. Just say, like father, like son!

Edgar got a little angry! 'damn it! How dare she call me stupid!'! Did he just have a simple mind?

Edward, who was driving, almost burst into laughter. How dare Crystal pluck teeth from a fierce tiger! This woman was not easy to deal with!

But soon he began to wonder, 'How could Crystal let Hilary go so easily?'!

He had no choice but to ask Edgar.

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