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   Chapter 125 past memories (Part one)

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Edgar took the diary and sat down on the sofa. At this moment, his mind was in a mess. He closed his eyes and tried his best to recall the password of that diary.

Broken memories kept spinning in his mind, very blurred and confused. He frowned and held the diary tightly. What exactly was the password?

A moment later, he suddenly opened his eyes. Yes! It was his birthday! Maybe! Ivy once told him, "your birthday number is the same as mine."

Then Edgar took the hint to dial the numbers on the diary, "520"


The diary was opened!

At this moment, he was a little excited. Finally, he could get to know about the past between him and Ivy.

At the first sight of the diary, there were several photos of Edgar and Ivy. Some of them were taken when she snuggled in his arms, some were taken when he carried her on the back, and some were taken when she was feeding him. She looked very happy in the photos, and the photos showed that he spoiled her very much.

Edgar put the photos in order and put them aside. It could be seen that he was in a good mood in the photos.

As his fingers turned page by page, he frowned and his eyes were filled with tears.

"20th, June 18th, Sunday: This is the 100th day since the day we fell in love. Today he seemed to be in a bad mood. I wanted to celebrate the anniversary of our love for a hundred days, but he was too busy to take care of it. I knew he would be very busy, so I didn't dare to expect too much! I just hope that he can be happy every day. Don't always frown!

Today is June 25. Mrs. Scott threw a million dollars at me, asking me to leave him, but I refused. I know the money is very important to me, but I never betray my love. Mrs. Scott said something mean today, but I endured the humiliation. Mrs. Scott is his mother, and I don't want to put him in an awkward situation

July 13, "it's a horrible day today. I don't know why I became the murderer of Uncle Scott. I didn't kill him, b

whenever she was in a bad mood. Perhaps she was there at the moment! She is waiting for me to find her. I know she must be angry with me. She must be angry with me because I lied to her! She is waiting for my explanation! "

By this time, Edward couldn't stand it anymore. If two people were in love, why should Edgar suffer pain and blame himself.

Taking several deep breaths, Edward walked up to him, grabbed him by his collar and said angrily, "Edgar, look at yourself? All you think about is Ivy. You always act like a lunatic when you think of Ivy. "

Seeing that Edgar's eyes were filled with tears, he could not bear it! But even so, he had to continue.

"Edgar, you knew clearly what had happened at that time. She could not have been alive. How could she have been alive? It's been three years. If she was still alive, why didn't she come back to find you! Even if she hate you! But did she hate her son as well? Now your son is still under control of your enemy. Don't you care about him anymore? "

Edward's words startled Edgar!

Yes! His son!

Edgar said in a deep voice, "My son! I'll take Hilary with me to G town. If she knows about it, she will go for her son! "

"Damn it! Edgar, you are such a fucking son of bitch! It's not your fault! But you are acting like a goddamn debtor!"

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