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   Chapter 124 Sorrow Bar (4)

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At this moment, Terry, who had just finished his work outside, walked into the room quickly. He said respectfully, "Ms. Crystal, as you expected, Edgar has taken his men in Sorrow away. And, at three o'clock in the morning, Edgar and others have returned to the Luo group. "

She nodded coldly and said, "yes! got it! How is the child? "

This question was for Toby, who said respectfully, "Hilary was so fearless. In the past few days, he has been staying with Molly and asked her to tell stories! He doesn't fear me at all. He still keeps an appetizing manner. "

Hearing that, Crystal smiled. "He is really the son of Edgar. He is quite bold! Go! Toby. Take Hilary and you can move to Sorrow

"Yes, Ms. Crystal!"

It was early in the morning after Crystal gave orders. Then, she stood up, rubbed her temples, and said coldly, "Terry, get ready for what we are going to do when we return to the Mu's group! I need to do something as Lena. Or someone will be angry! "

Although he didn't understand what Crystal was talking about? But when he raised his head and saw Crystal covered with tiredness, he frowned and said with concern, "Ms. Crystal, you work day and night. Your body can't stand it. You..."

In fact, he wanted to say that as a subordinate, he felt sorry for her!

Then she picked up the ice pack on the table, put it on her forehead and said coldly, "nothing serious! Let's go! "

Even if she hadn't had a rest in two or three days, she didn't care. She had been awake for ten days once.

So, he didn't say anything more! But now he had a new understanding of Crystal. He admired her.

Now the Luo group was in an uproar. Edgar sitting straight in his office. He was turning over the financial data.

He slammed his hand on the desk and the data files fell on the floor. Damn it! His efforts in the past two months were in vain!

When his image was ruined, the charity he invested got paralyzed. He was thinking whether it was too ridiculous to hold a charity with immoral

While Edward was typing the password, he said, "the password on the door is new set by Ivy. When she first came here as your assistant, she changed the password in front of me. At that time, I was also there. But you said that she was too stupid to remember the password."

Edgar didn't say anything. He frowned as if he had remembered this part, but it was very vague.

Then they went in together. They were in a high-end and elegant apartment, but the decoration inside was completely different.

There were several pink dolls on the white sofa and even the curtains were light yellow. When Edgar walked in, the first thing he saw was a picture of him and a girl on the coffee table.

In the photo, the girl snuggled in his arms and held up the phone to look at them. At this moment, some memory in his heart rose little by little, but it was still not complete.

Taking out a notebook from somewhere, Edward walked up and handed it to Edgar. He sighed and said, "it may be the diary of Ivy, but I don't know the password on it. Think about it. Maybe you can open it. When I saved you, I found it beside you with Hilary. I never gave it to you, because I didn't want her to hurt you again. But I know that I can't hide something from you forever. It's better for you to remember her early. As for the choice, it's up to you! "

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