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   Chapter 123 Sorrow Bar (3)

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Standing there still, Edgar looked at Crystal with his deep eyes. He wanted to see what would Crystal do next, but what she did next really shocked him.

Indifference seized her sexy shoulder band and pulled it a little bit down, revealing her breasts. Then she raised her voice, bursting into tears, "Mr. Edgar, don't you really want me? Haven't you promised that you will marry me after I change my sexuality? Why are you doing this to me? You said that you liked to see me in female clothes, and that you wanted to marry me after I become a transsexual? I have done a transsexual surgery for you. What do you want? "

Edgar was speechless. "Damn it! What was she talking about? Transsexual?

But when he saw a group of reporters pouring in at the door, he smiled and thought, 'damn it! This woman wanted to discredit me!'!

Seeing that the reporters were about to surround them, Crystal gave a weird smile and cried harder, "Mr. Edgar, why did you cheat me? You said that you would love me well. You also said that I could conceal my identity after I killed Mr. Scott and become a woman, and then you could be with me well. WooOops! Why is that? ? Why did you lie to me!

As for the reporters who had just rushed in, they were all shocked. "What did they hear? Sexist woman? "How did Mr. Scott die?"

As a result, the reporters almost forgot to put out the microphone.

On the other hand, Edgar was outraged to the extreme. If one second ago he could still leisurely appreciate Crystal's TV series by himself, but the next second he really wanted to go forward and tear up her mouth.

He did the same, of course. He exuded a dangerous aura, his deep eyes burning with anger, and walked forward step by step, but a group of reporters had already surrounded him.

"Mr. Edgar, what's your relationship with this lady?"

"Mr. Edgar, is she telling the truth?"

"Mr. Edgar, what on earth

She looked very cold.

Then, Toby and Crystal came to their company in City A. Toby respectfully stepped forward and opened the elevator for Crystal. When the elevator opened, there would be someone waiting outside respectfully!

At this moment, sitting in the office, Crystal felt like a king. She took a cold glance at the men in black suits in front of her.

She said in a cold voice, "from now on, Sorrow is ours in City A. Do you understand?"

Everyone was confused. "This is..."

She asked coldly, "what do you think?"

"I dare not!"

At this time, everyone looked at Toby.

Hence, Toby had no choice but to march forward, He said respectfully, "boss, if we go to Sorrow, won't we be found by the people of Edgar's? We still have his son in our hands? But now, we are unable to fight against shadow group with our rest financial resources! If it happens, I think it would be a big trouble for us. "

Crystal gave a cold smile and said, "it doesn't matter! Now Edgar doesn't even pay attention to us. Besides, we didn't do anything to Hilary! We didn't kidnap his son. We just want to ease his burden and raise his son! don't we? "

"Yes! Boss! "

'my boss is really my boss. She is really good at confusing right and wrong, ' they thought.

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