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   Chapter 122 Sorrow Bar (2)

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With a charming cold smile, Crystal said, "how dare you, Mr. Edgar! In that case, I'll come straight to the point! I don't want much. I just want Sorrow!

At this time, Edgar was not in a hurry. He lazily leaned against the sofa, like Crystal, and sneered, "Crystal, you have a good appetite!"

She was quite ambitious, which was good, at least he knew Hilary was good now! As a bargaining chip, he thought they would never hurt him.

Since Hilary was safe for the time being, what else would he be afraid of!

"What? You don't want to lose it, do you? "

you 're right! At this moment, she just wanted to make the famous Sorrow bar in City A hers. On the surface, Sorrow was a place for the rich second generation and the wealthy families to have fun, but in fact, no one would think that it was in fact

a place for private activities of some CEOs.

In addition, there were also very important news: the new president of CHUANGMEI group, Colin, and the new president of Hengli Group, Mia who purchased it recently.

Before she came back from abroad, she had secretly investigated.

Moreover, she also knew that Edgar was the boss of Sorrow. This was also the reason why Edgar had gradually used his own wisdom to make the Luo group stronger step by step within half a year. Because he was able to gain useful information in Sorrow.

At the moment, Edgar had guessed that Crystal might have investigated his Sorrow thoroughly. And she knows him so well! Thinking of that, a tinge of coldness flashed across Edgar's eyes. "I can give you Sorrow. But when will my son return it to me?"

Crystal said slowly, "there's no rush. Let's wait until Mr. Edgar brings the contract to me! But I think we'd better fix it as soon as possible! I remember that your son hasn't eaten for days! "

"I said if anything happened to him, all your staff would die with him! Yes? Do you want to have a try? "


is just right!'!

She stood up gracefully, walked to the door, leaned against the wall, and said with a charming smile, "Mr. Edgar, I've heard that as the leader of the Luo group, you are very self-conscious. You have never had any love affair with that woman, right?"

At this time, Edward walked out on tiptoe. He thought only their boss could resist Crystal. Damn it! This woman was so brutal!

He didn't want to admit that Crystal's glance just now scared him. He...he was such a coward!

Edgar stood up too. Turning around, he didn't move. Looking at Crystal in her eyes, he asked, "what do you want to do?"

"Well! nothing. I just think If the public know Mr. Edgar has a special taste, will the media headlines be all about him? Mr. Edgar will be very busy tomorrow! "

It was well known that Mr. Edgar, the CEO of the Luo group, was young and promising and had never been engaged. It was said that there had been no woman around him, and he had a very handsome face, so his legendary existence had become the dream lover of most women.

And Crystal was determined to ruin his image of the prince charming today.

Then, while she glanced at the group of people walking in, her eyes were filled with something strange. It seemed that a good show was on!

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