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   Chapter 121 Sorrow Bar (Part one)

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Sorrow was one of the most famous bars in City A. Apart from the high class prosperity, the most important thing was that not everyone could come into this bar. The guests here were all young men from the upper class as well as some movie stars and models in the entertainment industry.

A red Ferrari sports car stopped in front of Sorrow. Coldly and elegantly, Crystal got off the car. Her sexy and coquettish appearance attracted a lot of people's attention to tease her. Before she could walk into Sorrow, two men with ill intentioned walked to Crystal and started to flirt, "Beauty, what a beautiful beauty! How much is it for one night? "

Her heart flipped her hair and turned back with a charming smile, "me! Are you sure you can enjoy it? "

The two men didn't understand what she meant. Crystal turned her heads and said nothing. She knew that someone would help her get rid of these two disgusting guys.

Just as Crystal was going to step into Sorrow, two security guards who were standing at the door walked quickly to the two men and knocked them out by the roadside.

Glancing at the two security guards, Crystal smiled weirdly. It seemed that she was right to come here today.

After dealing with the two men quickly, the two security guards turned around, ran to Crystal, and said respectfully, "Mr. Crystal, our leader is in room 5025, on the second floor."


"Well, I see. Next time if your leader wants to send someone to follow me, he must find someone with wit.

The two security guards turned pale at once and muttered in their hearts, 'it seems that she has discovered it.'.

In fact, the two men who had teased Aaron were not passers-by. They were two men who had been following Crystal. On the way Crystal went back to her apartment, Crystal discovered that the two men seemed to wear ordinary clothes, but from their walking posture, she could tell that they had been trained. However, outside the gate, they had been thoroughly discovered by Crystal people. In order not to expose themselves, they had to disguise as bad intentioned passers-by.

However, w

mmediately, they all lowered their heads in fluster! Do not look if it is nor proper!

"Get out! What are you doing here? You want me to gouge your eyes out? "

Another shout came. Then, a bunch of bodyguards in white suit turned around and left the room at a great speed.

After they went out of room 2502, they leaned against the wall, relieved. Swoosh! They were freaked out! Their boss was so Nasty!

All of a sudden, there were only two people left in the room, Crystal and Edgar.

Edgar sat on the sofa, opposite from Crystal. Damn it! What did he do? Damn it! It's none of his business whether she was dressed so sexy!

They could just look at her! It didn't cost anything! But why did he feel extremely uncomfortable when he saw the green light in those guys' eyes! damn! When did he become so naive!

He had almost lost his temper when he met Crystal's frivolous eyes.

"When will you release Hilary?"

Crystal took a drag on his cigarette and answered indifferently, "what's the rush! Mr. Edgar, don't worry. I promise you that I will feed your son well. But it requires your cooperation!

A trace of coldness flashed through Edgar's eyes. He knew that it was not an easy task for him to make an appointment with Crystal here.

Sure enough, his guess was right! Damn it!

Edgar said, "What the hell are you doing? say it! I'm not a coward. Tell me, what do you want? "

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