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   Chapter 120 Kidnapping Your Son (2)

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After Toby drove to the gate of Crystal's apartment, Crystal got out of the car.

"Pick me up at 8 o'clock tomorrow. You can go to work in the Mu's group with me as my assistant. My name is Lena! Do you remember? "

"Yes, boss!

Crystal dragged herself into her apartment and changed into a dark gray pajamas. After throwing her long hair around her waist, she lounged on the sofa, idly browsing through the photos in her mobile phone and picked up a photo. In the photo, she snuggled in Edgar's arms, giggling and taking a selfie!

This was the only photo he had left with her. She still remembered clearly that he disliked her appearance. And she also said that he had problems with his aesthetic standard.

How ironic! At that time, they were a lovey dovey couple, but now they were the most familiar strangers and enemies.

Sure enough, everything would happen in this world, except that death could not be reversed. If her sister could be alive, if Mr. Scott could be alive, if her child could be alive, maybe they would not be what they were now.

At the thought of it, Crystal felt heartbroken. Damn it! She was actually recollecting her past life.

Thinking of this, Crystal deleted the photo without hesitation. The reason why she still kept the photo was not because she still loved Edgar, but because she wanted to remind herself of her hatred for him all the time.

At this moment, she suddenly felt that this photo was no longer useful, because she found a more interesting thing. Some people liked to be high above others, and some people were used to controlling the overall situation, but she would not let them go easily.

Then, she found her phone and dialed a number. "Mr. Edgar, I know that you can't sleep well tonight, why don't you go to Sorrow with me for fun! Okay? "

"Okay!" came the cold voice from the other end of the line

Then Crystal


Edward said," someone in the US told me that in the past month, I have actually gathered all the resources of the Dragon Tiger Group in City A. In order to make more friends with City B in City A, Crystal even gave up some parts in San Francisco. "

A hint of cruelty flashed across Edgar's eyes. "I didn't expect her to be so capable! Go and check this woman's information. The more detailed the better! "

He had to figure out who this Crystal was and who dared to challenge him. On the other hand, Edgar had to admit that he was still confused about the familiar scent from her. He was still unwilling to give up. He wanted to investigate the relationship between her and Ivy? Was she really not Ivy?

After giving proper orders, Edgar said coldly, "get out! Stay here, Edward! "

After that, the people in front of him turned around and walked quickly out.

All of a sudden, there were only two people in the room, Edgar and Edward.

At this time, Edgar stood up and walked to the window. He looked out of the window and said coldly, "she invites me to Sorrow!"

Hearing that, Edward was astonished. "Edgar, you can't. That woman must have bad intentions!"

"She still has Hilary in her hand!" said Edgar

Edward: "...."

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