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   Chapter 119 Abduction(1)

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Looking at her sexy leather jacket, Edgar really wanted to go forward and tear her off. It had nothing to do with the sexual desire, but he couldn't find anything to vent his anger. Damn it! They kidnapped his son. If a second ago he was still dreaming the idea that Crystal was Ivy, he was so angry that he had thrown the familiar smell away to the clouds.

Damn it! How could a mother kidnap her own son!

Lifting Crystal's chin with one hand, and a pair of angry eyes filled with bloodthirsty expression, Edgar said, "If you dare to do anything to my son, I will definitely let you know what is a pain in the ass

Crystal slapped his hand away and sneered, "Wow! "You are angry!"

ha-ha! 'it's getting more and more interesting. What should I do?'? I like to see Mr. Edgar get angry. "

She was overwhelmed with pain! For a woman who had lost her heart to the extent of wishing to die, it was not a big deal!

Right, the moment Toby left, Crystal gave Toby the slip and said, "Kidnap Edgar's son at any cost."

As soon as she saw the child lying on Edward's body, she guessed that it must be the child of Edgar and Olivia. She clearly remembered that on the last day in the apartment, Olivia told her that she was pregnant with the child of Edgar. And she had been injected with aborticide and her child could not be alive, but she clearly knew her child could not be alive. However, She was really familiar with that kid! But why! When Crystal was still confused.

All of a sudden, Edgar took her into his arms. His thin lips rubbed against her ears. The familiar and warm feeling spread from the feet of Crystal to the whole body. However, she tried her best to bear it. It was really difficult to change the habits of a person.

In order not to let Edgar

d hatred and she would never forget.

Edgar was the one who gave her those wounds.

"Boss, where are we going next? "

Crystal cast a cold glance at Toby who was sitting on the driver's seat and said, "Go back to the apartment!"

"Yes, Boss." Toby replied respectfully

All of a sudden, she thought of something and asked coldly, "Where is that kid? "

"He's in our base, Boss! What should we do with him? "

Crystal frowned and said in a cold tone, "Now I'm leaving him to you."

"Boss, aren't you going back to see that child? I don't know how to take care of him! "

In fact, it was not because she did not want to see that child, but that child always gave her a sense of familiarity. This damn feeling made her very uncomfortable. It was the child of Edgar and Olivia. How could she like the little guy!

Thus, she put aside such inexplicable feelings and said coldly, "it doesn't matter. Just take it as a kind of training!"

"What? "

Coldly, she said, "take good care of that kid. I don't want any accident to happen, neither do I want Edgar and others to find him. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Boss."

Then, he drove Crystal back to her apartment.

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