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   Chapter 118 In The Mansion (4)

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As soon as Edgar put down his gun, she put down her dagger as well. In her opinion, it was too easy for him to die in front of her. She wanted to see how Edgar fell from heaven to hell.

In fact, in the depths of her heart, there was a trace of pity! She could not bear to kill him!

But she didn't even notice mercy in her mind.

At the same time, two of Edgar's subordinates walked to Crystal, she said slowly, "Are you sure you want to take me back? Are you sure you can approach me? You know what? The dagger in my hand is not something to be trifled with. "

Hearing his cold words, the two men walking to Crystal stopped for a second! They had seen clearly how accurate, how fast the flying dagger was!

They were indeed courting death! However, when they met Edgar's angry eyes, they didn't dare to complain even if they were asked to commit suicide.

Crystal held up the dagger with one hand, and took out a gun with the other in her pocket, When she was ready for the battle, Toby came over with a dozen people. When she saw Toby coming from afar, she smiled with satisfaction! It seemed that he succeeded in her plan.

At the same time, Edgar also noticed Toby. His men had prepared for the battle, with their guns in their hands. To their surprise, however, before they took out their guns, they just walked to them step by step. When they were three or four meters away from Crystal, they stopped and said respectfully, "Boss, I have finished your order!"

"Okay! How many people have we died? "

"Boss! We have a lot of men killed and injured. But you can rest assured that the injured have been sent back by me and received treatm

happily without fighting. Then they also had time to find a beauty and have fun. They were all single!

Especially, Toby felt a little angry in his mind

Toby stressed on the word "us".

Crystal glared at him coldly and thought, 'Mind your own business! Having met her intimidating gaze, Toby shut up obediently.

Then she turned to Edgar and said, "Mr. Luo, do you think I have any proof! 'Is it because of your assistant Edward, or your child?'

Her words stunned Edgar. Damn it! This woman must have done something to him.

"No! Hilary! "

A hint of anger flashed through Edgar's calm eyes. 'damn it! How dare she do that to his child!

Seeing the anger on Edgar's face, Crystal felt great! She was angry three years ago, but what was the exchange for her anger at that time? Only disappointment!

It never occurred to Edgar that sometimes he could be angry, sometimes you could be anxious!

With an enchanting smile, Crystal whispered in his ear, "Mr. Edgar, oh no! The boss of the Shadow! Well, you are right. I abducted your son! Are you surprised! No no no! Or panic? Or angry?

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