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   Chapter 117 In The Mansion (3)

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"I have done what I have promised you. Now you should show me your face!" Edgar looked at Crystal leisurely, trying to find something different from Crystal. But she was still so calm without any trace of nervousness. Was she really not Ivy?

no She must be Ivy, so under the state of perplexity of Edgar, he walked forward, raised his hand, and suddenly put it on Crystal's face. But before he could touch her face, Crystal took a step back subconsciously, and said coldly, "You are so eager to see me. Do you fall in love with me? Mr. Edgar! "

In fact, she dodged subconsciously just because she didn't want Edgar to touch her again. She would feel sick even if he touched her.

"Do you want to take it down by yourself or you want me to help you with it?"

Edgar didn't answer her question at all. He just wanted to know if she was the woman he saw on the photos. She looked so similar to him, and he obviously sensed a familiar scent from her. He lost his patience.

As Edgar strode forward, he held Crystal in one hand and was about to remove the mask on her face. But to his surprise, she stopped him with one hand and pushed him to the ground hard. But he didn't fall. Instead, he jerked to her side and kept his balance. As he moved forward swiftly, he outstretched one hand with great strength again, and held her body in his arm.

Crystal, she cursed Edgar in her mind a few words. "Damn it. I didn't expect that after three years, Edgar's skills were no worse than that of that year. She clearly remembered the scene when he fought against several men in the parking lot three years ago. He was cruel, quick and decisive.

Which made her annoyed. She didn't expect that the skill she had practiced in the past three years was even worse than that of Edgar's.

Edgar, in addition to covering Crystal wi

I likes you? Bah! I hate him and I am not going to fall in love with you! '! Sure enough, as people changed their appearance and habits, the nature of them would not change from their innately born. Edgar was as narcissistic as before, and now he was still the same.

"That's the most shameless thing I've ever seen in this world!" She looked at Edgar coldly.

"Thank you." Edgar said. Somehow, they talked more. The scene was familiar to him.

Crystal would like to crush his face immediately!

As time went by, they had been in a stalemate for a long time. Finally, Crystal looked into the distance, thinking: why hasn't Toby come yet! How is it going with the thing I asked him to do?

The cold expression on her face was clearly captured by Edgar. What was she worried about? Who was she worried about?

Toby, this made Edgar recall that man, who had just been released. damn! It was a trap!

Daniel put down his arm, turned around and commanded coldly, "What are you doing? Bring her back now! "

"Yes! Boss! In fact, the men behind Edgar all wanted to cry! Their boss was so intimate with that beautiful woman, how could they be mistaken! Whoooooooh! It was not easy to work for their boss!

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