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   Chapter 116 Break Into The Mansion (2)

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Edgar didn't want to talk nonsense with Crystal any more. He gestured to his men to raise all the guns to Toby, who was beside her. With a sneer, Edgar pointed the gun at Toby and said, "Crystal, tell me who you are? I don't have that much patience! You can shoot me with the flying dagger, but I can order them to shoot the people beside you into beehives. Do you prefer to destroy both sides? Or do you want to see people around you die in pain? "

Threatening, bare threats, Edgar was waiting for the answer of Crystal. He admitted that he was not a good man. He would not frown even if Toby died. He could not bear to hurt Crystal, but it doesn't matter to see other's death!

Looking at Edgar who was fully in control, she really wanted to stab him. Damn it! How dared this man threaten me!

But what else could she do? Although Toby was her subordinate, she couldn't watch him be shot to death like beehives in front of her!

She was cold-blooded and heartless, but she was not a robot without emotion. He had been with her companions for nearly three or four months, but they had become comrade in the same fight. no They are best friends!

With a fierce look at him, she gritted her teeth and said, "I'm Crystal. I'm the leader of the Dragon Tiger gang and a jewelry designer hired by the Mu group to come back to the city, named Lena. "

"Except these? Or you? "

But she was not surprised to see that Edgar was not shocked at all. She knew it was as easy as winking for him to investigate the truth.

Crystal replied coldly, "I'm Crystal."

Edgar didn't believe that. He took a step forward and said, "Are you Ivy?" When she heard him call her "Ivy", her heart trembled. It turned out that he wanted to know if she was Ivy.

Originally, she wanted to admit that she was Ivy.

to leave. Although he was injured, he wanted to stay with Crystal. He couldn't move his stiff feet.

"I don't want to die here! If you were still hesitant, I might have died here! "

What Crystal said worked. He strode away, holding the injured shoulder with one hand.

When he disappeared from their sight, he stopped at a corner of a building.

In a hurry, he opened his right hand and a piece of paper appeared. He squinted and quickly opened his eyes. When he saw the words on the paper, he was stunned for a while. Then he read the paper carefully, crumpled up and threw it directly into his mouth. And he swallowed it.

He thought to herself, 'Boss! He lived up to your expectations and would try his best to achieve it.

Then he hailed a taxi in the direction of the main street. He got on the taxi and said, "sir!"! Take me there, thank you.

On the other hand, when she watched Toby leaving, she smiled weirdly and hoped that he could make it done in a short time.

She reminded Toby that her decision was to determine the result of her fight against Edgar.

A sneer crossed her calm eyes! She really wanted to see how long the coldness and arrogance of Edgar could last!

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