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   Chapter 115 Break Into The Mansion (Part one)

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Being attacked all of a sudden, Edgar was unusually calm. At the same time, he was a little excited. It was the second time he had seen her since he was injured. He could see his beloved woman in that eyes from the photo. He was also a little familiar to Crystal of the other side.

Thinking of that, Edgar had a feeling that Crystal was his wife, Ivy.

Such thoughts ran through his mind and became more and more intensive. He paused for a while, and then his complex eyes flashed across Crystal. "Who on earth are you?" he asked

Crystal threw the flying daggers to those men in white. Her cold eyes swept over everyone in front of her, including Edgar, who was only two meters from her.

She had barged into the mansion to investigate the whereabouts of her sister's body. It was a coincidence that she had met them. Humph! What a small world! It seemed that Edgar was badly injured last time.

Giving him a cold glance, she sneered, "why should I tell you?"

Then Crystal took out a flying dagger, and with the direction of the wind, the dagger suddenly swung towards Edward.

"No!" Brows furrowed, Edgar quickly moved anticlockwise towards Edward's station, but it was too late. The flying dagger quickly flew towards the boy on Edward's back.

!" Hearing that, Edgar was frightened. No, Hilary!

When Edward saw a flying dagger flew towards him.

There was no time to dodge. He turned his body unconsciously to protect Hilary.

But right at this moment, a figure blocked in front of him.

The flying dagger went straight into the man's heart! The blood spread as his body slid down slowly. When he turned around and saw what was happening, he had a surprised look on his face. "No! Leo!"

It was no wonder that Leo was unable to take the flying dagger for his sake. Seeing that Leo's body was slowly falling to the ground, Edgar strode forward and hugged him with one hand. Damn it! How could it happen?

He thought his speed was fast, but it was still too late. A sense of sadness crosse

em, she would rather die together with Edgar.

Her heart was in the deep ocean and there was no feeling left for Edgar.

Subconsciously, she was ready to fight with the dagger in her hand. She believed that the moment the bullet flew towards her, her dagger would penetrate into the Edgar's forehead swiftly as well.

At the same time, she looked coldly at Toby with a faint smile and said, "if we were to die here today, would you think I am useless? Will you regret being my subordinate? "

Her tone was no longer cold, but kind of warm feeling, especially her charming smile. At the moment, Toby suddenly felt that if he could die with Crystal, he would have no regret all his life.

So he looked at Crystal calmly and said slowly, "how could it be? I am willing to die with you, my Boss! If I and you die here today. I think it's rather fantastic! "

At this moment, his voice was not respectful, but made people feel comfortable. It was not because of love, but because of the relationship between Damon and Pythias.

Toby knew that there was no love between him and Crystal. Instead, it's a kind of profound friendship.

At the moment, Edgar was completely enraged. They did not care about him at all. This was a provocation, but what made Edgar more angry was that how could she look at other men with that familiar eyes!

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