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   Chapter 114 In Edgar's Mansion (2)

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Sure enough, Hilary kowtowed to the portrait and said in a child's voice, "Grandpa, grandma, I hope that you will live a happy life in another world. My name is Hilary, which is given by my father. He hopes that I can be happy every day, and I also hope that grandpa and grandma can be happy in another world too."

Looking at this scene, there were tears flashing in the corners of Edward's eyes. He always knew that Hilary was very sensible. But he didn't expect Hilary to be so sensible when facing the portrait of his grandparents.

Hearing that, Edgar was also moved. He thought that it would take a long time for him to explain everything to his son, but to his surprise, his son knew him so well.

"Father, mother, I'm here to visit you. I've brought Hilary here. Did you see that?" In fact, their cemetery was built in their hometown, which was in the countryside. He remembered that his father had said that he would take his mother back to her hometown to have a look when the company's business stabilized.

It was the first time he came to visit his parents since he was injured.

"Dad, mom, don't worry about us! Dad, mom, don't worry. I will get my father's lifelong efforts back. It's all my fault. I'm so useless. If I wasn't too arrogant or confident, we wouldn't be like this! "

Speaking to here, a tear streaked across the corner of Edgar's eyes. His tone was calm, as if he was telling something beyond him, but only himself knew that he was too numb to be painful.

He had gradually recovered some important memories. He often thought of the happy days when his parents were together. Although he didn't talk much with his father, he knew that no matter what he did, his first support was his father.

His mother kept talking about him and even arranged some debutantes to meet him. Although he hated such arrangement, he knew that his mother did everything for his good.

He often didn't go back to the Mansion because he had his own

tside the door. Then dozens of men in black rushed out, all wearing masks, led by a woman wearing a mask.

Edgar recognized them at the first sight. They were from the Dragon Tiger Gang.

When he turned around, Edgar handed Hilary to Edward and pushed him. "Run! Take Hilary and leave here quickly! "

At this critical moment, Edward was about to take out his gun, but he was stopped by Edgar's cold eyes. Then Edgar gave the order as well as the trembling Hilary which was lying on his shoulder.

Hearing this, Edward looked shocked and depressed. He is going to leave with the baby? '? Then what about Edgar?

All of a sudden, he walked towards Edgar with Hilary in his arms and said hastily, "Edgar, you leave with the boy! Let me cover for you! "

"This is an order! If you are still loyal to me, just do as I said. They are coming at me! If I take Hilary away, you will die and Hilary will suffer! Take good care of Hilary. Run! "

With that, he pushed Edward away. He took out his pistol to cover them. Then he took out a headset with his right hand and said, "Leo!"

As soon as he finished his words, some men in white tight clothes rushed in.

On the other side, Crystal and her men suddenly reacted. Then, a burst of gunshot rang out, and they each raised their pistols, ready to fight.

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