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   Chapter 113 In Edgar's Mansion

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Terry took a step forward seriously and said respectfully, "Yes, Boss. I won't let you down"

Crystal did not respond. She didn't need any response at all. What she thought was that since Edgar was highly alert, she would put the matter of the Luo group aside first and help Colin to make up for her failure.

It was nearly midnight when they finished their discussion. Crystal left the big building and she drove back to the apartment arranged for her by Toby. She had to make some preparations for her break into the Edgar's mansion.

As soon as Crystal entered the apartment, she hurriedly threw off the eight centimeter high heels and changed the clothes that made her feel uncomfortable. She was Crystal. She didn't like to be Lena.

However, she also knew that it would be inconvenient to come back with the identity of Crystal. There were some things that she couldn't do. If she returned in the name of ivy, there would be more trouble.

Later, she casually leaned on the sofa, scattered her hair, and took out a newspaper from the table with her slender fingers. His eyebrows furrowed as the content of the newspaper went deeper and deeper.

"It is reported that Ivy has not killed Scott. It is said that the reason why he dies is because an employee who was fired by Scott in the company. This employee hated Scott so much that she entered the hospital without letting him know. She plotted it on Ivy who came to the hospital to visit him."

Her hand, in which the newspaper was held tightly. She was proved to be innocent, and she said to herself with self mockery, "Have you seen that, Ivy? You are not a prisoner anymore. Now you have your freedom back. Have you seen it? Your freedom was exchanged by someone else. Huh! The reports are really ridiculous. Some people really believe that the obvious lies are the reasons for your innocence, and that all happened after you disappeared. Huh! What was he goin

original state.

Edgar took Hilary to the room where the portrait of Mr. and Mrs. Scott was placed.

Edward followed them.

"Hilary, kneel down!"

Edgar knelt down in front of the portrait and ordered with a look at Hilary.


The next minute, the babyish boy knelt down in front of the portrait, right next to Edgar.

It seemed that "grandparents" was strange to him, because he had never seen them before. However, when he looked at the portrait with his clear eyes, he suddenly felt that they were really standing in front of him.

"Daddy, where are grandpa and grandma? Why do you only allow me to see their photos? "

Hilary, three years old, had no idea what the portrait was? And he don't know why the person he saw was not grandpa and grandma themselves, but the portrait of them. "

Edgar, who was next to them, said in a mature voice, "Grandparents have gone to another world, and we only belong to here, so what you only see their portraits."

Edgar didn't tell him that they were dead but told him that they had gone to another world. He knew his child would understand.

Unlike other children of the same age, Hilary was brilliant when he was three years old. On the contrary, he had learned a lot and, of course, understood a lot of things.

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