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   Chapter 112 Plan To Meet Them!

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CHUANGMEI group stood out because it had great perseverance and high reputation in business. In addition to it, the enterprise of Luo family had also risen to the top five hundred companies in the world since it thrived in the past two years. The Mu group was on par with the Luo group.

It was said that the group of Luo family and the group of Mu family were two giant enterprises with a long history in the business world.

The media reported that the president of the Mu group, Spencer Mu, had invited a famous jewelry designer from abroad with 10 million dollars, whose name was Lena.

Lena was one of the best jewelry designers abroad. It was said that she had sold 1 million pieces of jewelry designed by her, and every renowned jewelry industry had invited her. But to everyone's surprise, she refused the invitation of any enterprise.

Instead, she chose the Mu group which was not very famous at home and abroad. The Mu group was originally a cooperation relationship with Hengli. In the past two years, most of the companies had little cooperation, and the Mu group was mainly engaged in the business of jewelry.

The Mu group's invitation drew much attention. Many thought the Mu group would be a business legend in the future.

As for Lena, she rarely appeared on camera abroad, and no one saw her even in the country. It was said that she was a great beauty. It was unknown if the rumor was true or not.

Therefore, the airport was crowded with reporters the moment the CEO of the Mu group got off the plane.

They had thought that when the CEO of the Mu group came back, he would come with Lena.

After nearly five hours, they finally saw the face of the CEO of the Mu group.

Spencer was wearing a white shirt and a black coat without buttons. The pair of black trousers consummated his slender legs, and a silver white chain was worn on them, making him look unruly and indomitable as well as the offspring of a prestigious family. Her flaxen hair was disheveled casually, making her more attractive, while his


Crystal stood up and walked towards him. "But what?" she asked coldly

"It's just that the advertising company that has just been acquired, the Luo group has ended the contract with it after we purchased it! It seems that they have discovered our purpose! "

Her voice was full of sarcasm. She looked at Terry and shouted coldly, "Terry, why are you so careless? After all, only this advertising company is a listed company that can bargain with the Luo group. How can you let them find out?"

Terry shivered at the voice. Then he said respectfully, "Boss, I'm sorry. Please punish me."

Giving Terry a cold look, Crystal said coldly, "well, I'll keep your mistake in mind. You will leave the Dragon Tiger Gang if you can't do your job well. I don't want useless people. Do you understand?"

She knew that it wasn't easy for her men to deal with it. She also knew that the CEO of the Luo group was Edgar, who was thoughtful and smart. If something went wrong, he could tell it with his cunning.

She didn't expect that Edgar would end their cooperation so soon and she had to change the plan.

Thinking of this, she forced herself to calm down and said coldly to Terry, "Then, what you need to do is to cooperate with the CHUANGMEI group in the name of the president of Yacht Company. And your prior task is to investigate Colin, understand?"

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