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   Chapter 110 The Magic Water

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You always want to know how your sister died, don't you? Didn't you always want to find the body of your sister? " The man turned around and sat on the sofa, crossed his legs and leaned back on it leisurely.

He was playing with the Magic Water.

Suddenly, Crystal's face turned pale as she knelt on one knee. "My sister?" What the hell did he know? What on earth did he know about Megan's death?

Crystal asked herself again and again, but she was in a panic at the moment. In the past three years, she dreamed again and again that her sister had become a wandering ghost. She could only wander around in the darkness. She had no place to go, and she could not find the way back home. She was so lonely in the darkness.

She kept thinking that she would take her sister home, bring her cremains back to her hometown, and let her not be a homeless ghost.

At the thought of this, Crystal stood up and said coldly as if she had made some decision, "Okay, I'll drink it!"

Crystal walked toward the man and took the bottle of water from his hand. Then she raised her head and drank it all of a sudden, while the water gave off a hint of coldness. It reached into her stomach.

Looking at Crystal, the man's eyes flashed a trace of bitterness. He did not know what family love was, but from her, he saw there was still love in the world.

"Sir, now you can tell me how my sister died and where is her body? "

Wearing a cold face, she only wanted to know the cause of his sister's death and where she was buried.

He knew that she could call him boss just because he saved her. She had no feelings for him.

The man was a little irritated at the thought. He roared, "in the city! "

"Where is the specific location?"

"She finally disappeared in the Mu family. As for where she went and how she died? You need to investigate this by yourself. "

The man's cold words made Crystal'

Edgar will have a hard time in the future. "

He knew she had no choice, but he liked to let her be willing to do it.

A moment later, Crystal turned around and knelt on one knee. "I will follow you, boss!"

Her intention was obvious.

"Well, now, you can go back and get ready. We will reached the city three days later. Remember, you can't fall in love with anyone! But you can choose to hate anybody. Could only hate! Do you understand? "

"Yes, boss!"

Then she turned around and walked out of the room.

After Crystal left, the man looked at her, strangely showing a smile.

Clap! Clap! Clap

Excellent! He even could trick a woman into giving her a slap on the face!

I am so impressed. Said Olivia, clapping her hands.

Not knowing when, a woman suddenly appeared behind the man.

She wore a white and pink dress embroidered with lotus, and a pair of white high heels with eight centimetres.

The man then turned around. His slender fingers brushed across her snow-white skin and slid down her charming breasts. But his tone was still unusually cold. "You'd better not get involved, or I'll make you feel like falling from the heaven to the hell."

Suddenly, she felt a little scared. She knew that this man was a man of his word.

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