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   Chapter 109 Fine, I Will Do As You Wish!

Dreaming Of You By Mo Yufei Characters: 6494

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After a moment of silence, the man slowly stood up, then turned his back to Crystal, and said coldly, "since you want to know my identity so much, I will do what you want!"

Then the man turned around. As he took off the half mask, Crystal saw an impeccable face in front of her. Handsome, but also with a sense of cynicism.

His clear eyes were as bright as amber; his nose was high and the sexy thin lips were tempting.

Crystal was extremely surprised at the moment. Why was he here? How could it be him?

Seeing how surprised Crystal was, the man sneered, "it seems that you still remember me!"

At the same time, a slender hand suddenly reached out to her snow-white neck and pinched it coldly.

The man flung her to the corner, glaring at her with his cold eyes. "Those who have seen me all died, and you, No exception! "

He suddenly tightened his hand. Crystal did not expect that he still wanted to kill her. It seemed that she had lost in the gambling this time, but Crystal was not a person who would accept it willingly.

So, enduring the pain of being choked, she quickly drew the dagger from her waist and threw it toward the middle of the man's forehead.

At the very moment when the flying dagger was about to hit the man, the man slapped on the dagger with the other hand. Then the flying dagger swerved. Subsequently, it flew two meters away.

"Do you still want to kill me?" The man said coldly.

She sneered, "You saved me, and you killed me. From now on, there's nothing between us!"

The man's heart ached. As if he was going to lose something. No, no! She was trained by him. Her life was his. Even if she died, it was impossible for her to get out of his control.

Thus, he loosened his grip, but he didn't let her go.

Suddenly, he smiled weirdly

Then his hand moved to her chin.

Her chin was raised slightly, and her fingers were tightened. He said indifferently, "look at this fascinatin


The man looked at her in the eye coldly.

Crystal, I didn't expect you to be scared. You've been cold-blooded for the past three years. How could you revenge yourself in the city like that? It seems that my efforts to cultivate you during the past three years have been in vain. "

"No, I haven't forgotten my hatred. I really want to go back to take revenge immediately. Master, please. I assure that I can be ruthless. I can certainly conquer CHUANGMEI and Hengli for you, but I can't

I don't want to be an emotionless robot. Master, please withdraw your order! "

Suddenly she knelt on one knee and asked in a cold tone. At this moment, she had to admit that she was really scared. She was ruthless and cold-blooded. She really didn't want to become a person like this.

The man just looked down at Crystal. At the same time, he was struggling. Crystal could become a ruthless and cold-blooded person if he drank it, and she would continue to obey him. But was this what he wanted? Did he want to see that?

Immediately, Crystal's clear and somewhat desperate eyes emerged in his mind.

However, if she didn't drink it, how could she be willing to stay with him for a lifetime!

Eventually, when he was struggling in his mind, he made a decision that she must drink it.

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