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   Chapter 108 Crystal, You Dare To Kill Me!

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In the evening of LA, people didn't stop dancing because of the murder.

Crystal stepped on the brake. The red Ferrari slowly stopped in front of the building, showing its owner's dignity. The doorman walked quickly forward and opened the door for her respectfully.

What a fascinating woman she was in the black leather jacket and leather pants. Her long hair was coiled up, and her face was delicate and her figure had an hourglass shape. Wherever she went, she would be the focus. In the bar, people cast sights at her, Crystal simply ignored it.

She knew very well that they were only interested in her appearance. If it was before, Ivy would never be the focus. There were many beautiful women here. It was just because of her fascinating face.

Crystal went through the first floor to the second floor, which was usually noisy, but now was unusually quiet. At the corridor of the second floor stood a line of men in black suits.

Crystal knew that the man was already in the room. When she walked in the corridor, she looked downstairs by accident. When she saw the backs of several familiar people in the crowd, she smiled slightly and thought, 'they are already there.'.

It made her relieve. At least, she was confident of herself.

She walked to room 2368 and directly opened the door and walked in without knocking.

Room 2368 was as high-end and elegant as before. The only difference was that

At this moment, the people sitting on the sofa were not a group of obscene people, but a man wearing Dior white T-shirt. He had two decorative necklaces on his chest, his collarbone and white skin exposed. That man looked a bit sexy. It was a Walter black coat outside his T-shirt, which wasn't zipped up. He wore a pair of black casual pants, which was rare. A silver white ring button was hung down on his right, which was shining with light. In a white cap, her short b


As soon as he heard the news, he guessed that that cripple man might be Paul. Before Paul died, he told Crystal that Paul had investigated him and believed that she wanted to kill him personally for the sake of herself, not because she was suspicious of him.

When he saw her every move, he was right. She wanted to kill him.

He let go of her and said coldly, "Crystal, I have cast your stupid men out."

Crystal froze, and as expected, he knew her plan.

Yes, she had made her last plan. She wanted to kill him. She wanted to know who he was when Paul told her something.

She was afraid that he would kill her. So she asked Toby and others to protect her secretly. But she didn't expect that he had known everything.

Therefore, she didn't try to hide her true purpose.

Then she looked at him seriously and said, "Yes, the purpose I came here today is to know who on earth you are? Yes, I was grateful that you saved me in the past, and I had no regrets as you had made me a killer. But up to now, I shall have the right to know who I am working for. If I die outside, won't it be a loss for me.

She said it calmly as if it was a statement, but only she knew she was making a bet and wanted to know what he felt about her.

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