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   Chapter 107 A Plan (2)

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Up to now, Crystal had never been curious about the man, both of them had gained their own ends. He had helped her revenge and she had become killer for him. That was all. She didn't care about his identity and appearance at all, nor was she curious about it. Because she didn't think it mattered at all to her.

But now, the information on the phone surprised her. The Mu's group? The Mu family? It reminded her of the time when she attended a dinner party with Edgar. They went to the Mu family, didn't they?

And that person made her the jewelry designer of the Mu group, then? What was the relationship between the Mu family and that man? Who the hell was that person?

At the same time. The question suddenly occurred to Crystal.

She had been unwilling to think about these things in the past, She felt that she would be involved more if she knew too much about his mystery. Therefore, she didn't want to know too much about his mystery.

But at this moment, the words that Paul had told her kept haunting in her mind. After thinking for a while, she picked up the phone from the desk and said, "Toby, come in."

At the other end of the phone, "yes, boss!"

Then they heard heavy footsteps!

"Come in!"

Wearing a black suit, Toby obviously looked very energetic. At the same time, he was wondering, "What is it for?"

But she didn't give him any chance to doubt. She looked at Toby seriously and said coldly, "Toby, if I ask you to hand over your right and let you serve as my secret guard only, are you willing to be my secret guard?"

"Yes, boss." Toby replied respectfully without any hesitation

"Have you made up your mind?"

Toby was not a person who coveted power and wealth. But he had run the south branch for years and accumulated resources and experience. It was obviously unfair for him to make such a choice, but there was no fairness in the world. On

thoughtful the person was.

Tonight, she decided to use the tiny electronic watch to send a message to the man. She wanted to see him. She needed to ask him something, but she was not sure about the uncertain personality of him. Therefore, she made some preparations for herself.

Even though she asked Toby to ambush there to protect her, she was still protecting herself in secret. In fact, she was not afraid of death. After all, she had been through death once, so how could she be afraid of death! She wouldn't allow anything bad to happen to herself because she still had a lot of things to do, such as her hatred and the revenge for Paul.

Time passed quickly, and it was time for Crystal to go to the appointment with that man. Crystal stood up, put on her coat casually, and turned around to leave.

Generally speaking, the leader of the underworld would bring a lot of bodyguards with him whenever he went out. On the contrary, Crystal as she was, she would do anything he wanted. She always kept a low profile.

She had always thought so.

Then, Crystal went to the parking lot to get on the car. Crystal sat in the driver's seat. She glanced at her watch casually and smiled. The time was just right, then she drove out at a high speed.

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