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   Chapter 106 A Revenge Plan (Part one)

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Then, Crystal drove back to the office of the Dragon Tiger gang. When she was in extremely poor and weak condition, everyone was surprised to see that. They didn't expect that their boss would be like that. It seemed that she had come back from fighting.

At first, they walked forward to ask, but when they saw the cold eyes of Crystal, they all backed down timidly, silently gave a way for Crystal and bowed. "Boss!"

Without saying a word, she walked straight into her own office.

After giving her wound a simple treatment, she stood up and changed into a leather coat in her closet.

Then she simply tucked her hair behind her ears, and when all these things were properly handled, she turned around and went to the bathroom. She soaked her face in cold water for a minute, and then she was completely sober.

This method was very effective. Even if she didn't have a rest for several days and nights, after soaking in cold water, she would soon become dynamic.

This was also very suitable for her, because she was used to insomnia, other than drunk herself, she soaked her face in the cold water. The result was not bad.

When she came out of the bathroom, her mind was as cold as usual.

She sat on her desk and asked the bodyguards outside to bring Toby, Terry and others here.

There stood Toby and Terry, both in deference to Crystal and ready to listen to what she had told them. Crystal beckoned to a bodyguard beside him and brought her a cup of coffee. After she took a sip of coffee, she put it down gracefully and looked at Toby, asking coldly, "how's it going?"

"Boss, I have informed our men. We will return to the city in three days. Our men in a city will get everything ready to welcome us," Toby replied respectfully

Crystal nodded with satisfaction. "Very good!"

Then she looked at Terry and asked coldly, "Terry, how about you?"

Terry replied with great respect, "boss, I have sent people to

rystal continued coldly

Actually, Terry's means were acceptable, after getting along with him for the past two months. Obviously, Terry was not only good at fighting but also clever. He was a decisive person.

Therefore, Crystal decided to arrange Terry to be the CEO of Hengli Group.

Then she looked at Toby and asked coldly, "Toby, how many capital do we have"

"Boss, there is still 50% left," Toby replied.

Crystal nodded, "Okay, Toby. Next, listen to me carefully. I'll divide the rest 50% of shares into five parts and purchase the smallest investment company named Yilian, which used to be the supplier of Hengli Group. The second one you need to purchase is... "

Toby and Terry didn't leave the office until it was dark outside.

She sat at the desk with one hand supporting her chin and the other in a daze. The message showed clearly that her new identity was a jewelry designer hired by the Mu's group from abroad with a high salary, whose name was Lena.

She knew clearly that she couldn't have the power to decide her own. Suddenly, she thought of what Paul told her. "Crystal, that man is a devil. You'd better leave him. He is a person like poison. I'm afraid that he will hurt you!"! Crystal, you can't just ignore yourself for revenge! Do you understand? "

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