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   Chapter 104 Don't Cry.

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It only took them five minutes to reach their old place - the small house.

She got off the car and opened the door on the other side to get Paul out of the car. Then she walked into the room.

She put Paul on the bed and brought the first aid kit.

At the moment, she was very flustered. With her hands trembling, she opened the emergency case and took out gauze and sharp knife from it.

"Paul, let me bind up your wound!"

With a confused look on her face, she picked up the gauze in one hand and a sharp knife in the other. Her mind went blank, and she didn't know what to do. Usually, she acted as quickly as the doctors in the hospital, but at this moment, she didn't know what to do.

Seeing the flustered look on her face, a smile appeared on his face. Paul said weakly, "Forget it. You can stop!"

After hearing this, she couldn't help but burst into tears.

"Paul, I'm sorry. I'm going to apply medicine to your wound Let me wrap it for you. " Crystal said incoherently.

Being patient, he raised his right hand to stop her, "don't bother."

The more Paul said, the more sorrowful her heart was. She choked, "I Paul, i... "

At the moment, Crystal did not know what to say.

"Paul, I'm sorry. It's my fault. We shouldn't have been there. You don't have to get injured because of me. I am so useless. I'm sorry... "

Paul shook his head and smiled, "Don't say that. It's not your fault. You don't need to apologize to me. "

Whoooooooh! With tears in her eyes, she said, "Paul! You know I can escape, but you... "

"Paul, you are such a fool. You know clearly that I can avoid the shoot, but why did you take it for me? "

In fact, Crystal was not sure whether she could dodge the bullets in such a short distance.

He looked at her with loving

iland. He said that there were many beautiful girls in Thailand and they were very outstanding. He said that he had arranged a room there for me, and I just needed to go there. So I went with him.

However, I didn't expect that when I went to Thailand, it was not a trip, but a plot. He took me to a desolate mountain and knocked me out and tied me to a house there. I saw personally that he brought a person who was very similar to what I thought.

However, he exposed his identity. It turned out that his approach to me was all a plot. He was an enemy of my father, whose father died because of my father.

It turned out that he was for revenge. He wanted to take away everything from me. He wanted to replace me. He wanted me to lose it. So he wanted me to die.

Finally, he locked me in that house and lit a fire when he left. But he didn't expect that someone would unexpectedly save me after he left. My leg was injured at that time.

That man saved me, and he asked me to become his shadow in the darkness to help him carry out all kinds of assassinations. At that time, I practiced the sniping skills. Yes, I was a sniper, but I was just a sniper who lived in the dark.

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