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   Chapter 103 Let Me Take You To The Hospital.

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She was listening to Edgar. She felt that the hand holding the dagger was so heavy that she could not lift it.

She even felt a little sorry for him. No! No! How could she do this!

At that moment, the images of his sister, her baby and her past flashed in her mind coldly.

no She couldn't be softhearted! No way!

So she closed her eyes slightly and opened them with an indifferent face.

She believed that she could do it! She must kill him! Revenge! yes! Revenge!

He was so close to her that she could kill him! This was an opportunity, and she must not be softhearted.

Therefore, she took out a dagger with difficulty. Whoosh! The dagger was thrown out!

Only the necklace and a woman's blurry figure were seen in Edgar's eyes. He didn't notice the flying dagger.

Yes! The flying dagger was just about to stab into Edgar's shoulder.

In an instant, the blood splashed. Edgar leant forward suddenly with one knee on the ground and with one hand supporting him.

Fortunately, the dagger was shot into his shoulder.

Crystal looked at Edgar, who was kneeling on the ground. His face was pale, indicating that he was seriously injured.

She couldn't help but her heart trembled and tears were rolling in the corners of her eyes. He didn't dodge, and he didn't fight back.

She should be happy. He hurt her, but she did hurt him too.

Even though she knew the dagger was supposed to be between his eyebrows, it was out of her control.

She knew that she was still softhearted. Even if she hurt him, she should be happy, but she couldn't be happy at all!

She was heartbroken. She hated her cowardice. She hated her forbearance.

However, at this time, another group of people of Shadow came. They raised their pistols and started shooting.

Paul, who was protecting her, immediately realized what had happened. He frowned and raised his pistol. He shot and tilted his head to look at her. "Crystal, there's no time left. Retreat! They are coming!"

As the gunshots got more and

ay. She drove as fast as she could, oblivious of other cars. She was getting more and more nervous as time went by. There was nothing she could say to him.

"Paul, you can't sleep. I'm taking you to the hospital. Don't be disobedient!"

She whispered to him with tears in her eyes. She just wanted to distract him from sleeping.

His face was pale and blood was spurting from his wound in the chest. Being exhausted, Paul leaned against the car. He opened his eyes slightly and said weakly, "Crystal, take me back to the small house! Take me to our old place! "

"Paul, listen to me. I'll take you to the hospital.

"No, Crystal. Listen to me this time. Take me back to the room. Take me back to our old place!"

Her tears were streaming down her face. Her hands holding the steering wheel shook uncontrollably. She turned to look at Paul and said affectionately, "well, I'll take you to the old place."

She knew that he wanted to go back.

"Now it's your turn to follow my order!" he said with a weak smile

Paul's words somehow hurt Crystal. She didn't know how long he could last.

Crystal knew that he didn't want to go to the hospital. She knew that he wanted her to listen to him the most.

Paul was like an elder brother who cared about her all the time. She knew that the last place he wanted to go was hospital.

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