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   Chapter 102 Who Are You

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Crystal stood by the side of the ship and watched the fierce battle coldly. At the same time, she took out her pistol in her right hand unintentionally and clenched her other hand slightly. Only she knew how excited she was at the moment.

Because at a short distance, she saw that the person she had hated for many years, and he was Edgar. Now, he was wearing a white shirt, a pair of casual brush pants, and a light grey windbreaker coat.

A sneer crossed Crystal's face. 'I didn't expect that he would like to wear white clothes three years later. Humph!' she thought! What the hell was that? Is it possible for a heartless person to change the dark side of his heart from the appearance? Humph! No way! '!

Crystal, she remembered that Edgar never liked white clothes. He once said to her that his world was never white. He had been accustomed to the darkness.

And what did he mean by wearing like that? Crystal mocked at herself. Sure enough, he and her world would never be the same.

At this time, one of Edgar's followers raised his gun towards Crystal. Before he could shoot, a loud bang rang out This man's head exploded. In an instant, the blood flew all over the air.

She looked at the scene coldly. She had been accustomed to it. In fact, she knew it was from Paul.

However, even without his shot, she was not afraid at all. She knew the speed of the flying knife was faster than the shot.

Watching his men die in front of him, Edgar said to her coldly with his bloodthirsty eyes, "what a good leader of the Dragon Tiger Gang! There are tons of undiscovered talents around her! " He was referring to the skillful Paul.

Not to be outdone, Crystal said with a cold smile, "long time no see, Edgar."

"Long time no see!" Edgar frowned She knew him!

Of course, this was just the doubts in his mind, but he didn't show it on his face.

He said coldly, "the Dragon Tiger Gang is becoming bol

mbered. The longer he remembered, the more clearly the vessel on his forehead became. He clearly remembered that the necklace around her neck was his! He had given it to a woman! It was a woman with a vague figure!

By this time, Edgar had put down his gun completely. Bearing the tearing pain, he walked forward step by step slowly. Even though his subordinates around him were still fighting, and Leo by his side was desperately protecting him.

At this moment, he didn't care at all, as he was indulged in his own mind, with pain, with little memory, he just wanted to know if the person in his mind was her, what was the relationship between him and her!

He walked forward step by step with great difficulty and finally stopped half a meter away from her.

He couldn't get any closer to her because there was someone protecting her.

"Tell me, who the hell are you?"

His tone was no longer cold, nor angry. Instead, there was a trace of affection in his deep eyes.

At the moment, she saw the sweating and affectionate look on his face.

Crystal's heart trembled and she stepped back subconsciously.

She felt sorry for him. She had never seen this affection in his eyes since she was framed.

And now, his eyes looking at her were full of deep affection.

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