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   Chapter 101 Ambush!

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At this moment, Edgar put down the teacup gracefully, leaned back on the chair, looked at them with deep eyes and said coldly, "now, Kent brings a team, you go to deal with those illicit drugs."

Yes, Boss!

Then, Kent left with several men.

Then, Edgar said to the rest of them, "Leo with you on the ship to check the goods."

"Yes, boss!"

"You may leave now! Leo, stay here! "

"Yes, boss!"

After a while, there were only Edgar and Leo left in the office.

With his dark and cold eyes, Edgar asked, "Are you seriously injured?

He asked in a calm voice, which seemed to be mixed with worries.

Leo who had just sat down was stunned!

He thought to himself, 'when did their boss become so different! Cared about him Did he hear it wrong?

"I'm fine, thank you for your concern!"

He immediately replied.

Hearing that, Edgar nodded and said, "that's good!" It was like two friends were having a heart to heart talk.

Hearing that, Leo felt somewhat uneasy.

Actually, Leo didn't know that Edgar had lost his memory. Three years ago, in Mr. Edgar's apartment, he suddenly felt dizzy for no reason.

When he woke up, he found himself on the lawn. Many years of vigilance reminded him of Ivy in the room.

Hence, he rushed into the room, only to find that the room was empty and there was only blood on the ground.

All of a sudden, he realized that Ivy might be in danger.

Therefore, he took out his phone and was ready to report to Edgar.

But Edgar didn't answer.

He had no idea why he couldn't get in touch with Edgar. Then he dialed Edward's number, but it was still unanswered.

Therefore, he wanted to go back to Hengli Group and look for Edgar. But when he went back, the guard stopped him and told him that there was another president of Hengli Group.

He was confused. Before he could figure it out. His cell phone rang. It was from Edward.

Leo was told that he should go back to t

't see clearly who they were.

A few men in black beside Edgar were on the alert and surrounded him at the same time.

As the boat approached, all his men took out their batons vigilantly.

As the boats approached them. It was getting closer.

Suddenly, several masked men appeared on Edgar's ship, each in black.


With the voice, the two groups of people looked at each other and began to fight.

Then the sky was in a cloud of smoke.

At the same time, Edgar quickly took out a baton, swayed his posture and looked far away with his deep eyes.

He frowned coldly. There were more than twenty people on the other side. Looking at their batons and their cold eyes, it was obvious that they had been trained. Edgar glanced at them coldly. Finally, his eyes fell on the person who was standing behind the group of men in black. She was wearing a pair of leather jacket, leather pants and a pair of simple black boots. Her hair fell about her waist.

She is a woman!

It reminded him of the information he got from Edward few days ago - the new boss of the Dragon Tiger gang!

Are they from the Dragon Tiger Gang? But in the past few years, the shadow group had never offended Dragon Tiger Gang.

Did they come for these goods this time?

Edgar thought quickly.

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