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   Chapter 100 Are You Deaf

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He was dressed in a black overcoat, which was opened to the air. His brown casual clothes were exposed., and its hemline was fluttering briskly in the air. And his black trousers were clean and straight. His hair was dispersed on his forehead.

The men in white standing in front of him were all lowering their heads, trembling with fear.

"Say something! Are you deaf? "

Another low growl reached their ears.

They all knelt on one knee and said in unison, "Boss, please don't be angry!"

Looking down at them coldly, Edgar didn't say anything. In their view, keeping silent at the moment was an expression of real anger, which showed that he had a powerful aura.

Edgar ordered coldly, "Leo, take them to the secret room!"

Leo, who was dressed in a black suit and standing behind him, was stunned. Then he knelt on one knee too and said, "boss!"

Leo didn't followed the order. He was baffled why his boss asked them to develop their business freely.

Hearing that, Edgar took a look at Leo, who was kneeling on the ground. Then he said coldly, "Leo, do you also want to rebel?"

Leo shook and lowered his head. "I dare not!"

"Dare you?" Edgar sneered

Then there is really a brave man. He stepped forward and claimed, "boss, we refuse to obey"

Right then, a man took a chair and put it behind Edgar.

After taking a glance at the chair behind him, Edgar sat up straight, leaned against the chair lazily, and then said with a faint smile, "are you unconvinced?"

He raised his eyebrows and looked at the brave man. He had a mature and steady face, and his slightly white beard showed that he was very old.

He was Kent, a senior member in Shadow and had been working for him for many years.

He saw that Edgar glanced himself coldly, "Kent, stand up and speak!"

Kent stood up and took a step forward. He said seriously, "boss, why should we give up our career? Our company was so prosperous at that time and it brought us unlimited benef

ace for goods.

And the reason why he flew to America today was that he had thought that there were only a few people who were not reconciled. He didn't expect that when he came here, they also included those who had a lot of experience in the Shadow Group.

That really made him angry, so he drove them all to the secret room, and everyone who got in it would be heavily punished.

Even Kent, who had followed him for many years, had been punished.

Standing in the office of the factory, Edgar rotated the teacup with his slender fingers, his deep eyes staring at it.

As the teacup rotated, he was lost in thought, waiting for their punishment.

The people who went to the secret room were all his competent assistants, who were top leaders.

As time passed, he glanced at his watch and found it was almost time. He guessed that the first one who came out would be Kent, and the other one might be Leo.

Two minutes later, knock, knock!

"Come in!"

After Kent came in with a wound, Edgar finally turned his eyes to him.

Then, Leo limped in, his grey shirt soaked with sweat.

After a while, they saw people who entered the secret room one after another, the person who had just gone to the secret room for punishment.

There were a lot of them. All stood there with wounds and respect.

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