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   Chapter 99 Unhappy Hilary

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After all, his father had told him that he would be on a business trip for a few days when he left home. Hilary had been in a bad mood since he got in the car. He couldn't be more upset.

It was not until then that Edward realized what had happened. Taking a look at Hilary dotingly, he said, "you don't have to be unhappy, Hilary. Your daddy just went on a few days, it doesn't mean that he doesn't come back."

Hilary was in a white T-shirt and on the back pants, there was a cute bear. His fat hands were pinching the bear, looking unhappy. He turned his head away and ignored Edward.

Looking at the expression on Hilary's face, he knew Hilary was certain to be unhappy about Edgar's business trip. He knew that at such a young age, Hilary needed parents' love very much.

But Edgar had to go on business from time to time, so it was him who took care of the little guy.

But after all, he was not the father of him. He knew that Hilary actually wanted his father to accompany him.

He watched the rising mouth of Hilary, showing no interest in him.

As a result, Edward decided to ignore him.

He knew Hilary well. He had watched him grow up.

He knew that they would talk to each other soon.

After a moment's silence, it was still Hilary who spoke.

He spread out his pinching hands, turned around, looked at Edward meekly and asked, "Hey, uncle, why does my daddy always go on business instead of accompanying me? Why do others have mommy accompanying them, but I don't?"

Facing Hilary's puzzled and disappointing look, a glimmer of pity flashed through Edward's heart.

How should he tell this little guy about his mother? Was he going to tell him that his mother had died? Would it be too cruel to this little guy.

He couldn't find any reason to explain it to him. At this moment, Hilary touched Hilary's head with his indulgent hand and said, "Hilary, you know, your father is a boss in the company. Of course he will be very busy. Besides, he earns m

. He took out his phone again and saw the message on his phone. "Edward, I have returned to the shadow organization. You have to keep an eye on the company's situation.

This was a text message from Edgar. He checked the time and found that Edgar had come back to the shadows. Edgar sent him a message to tell him to pay attention to the company's situation.

In fact, Edgar was afraid that someone would take advantage of his absence to attack the company.

The Luo group was still in the developing phase. It was quite stable now, but it couldn't withstand the onslaught of some outsiders. Even only once.

Hence, he drove even faster.

At the same time, in a large factory of San Francisco in America, Edgar turned around seriously and looked at a group of men in white suit following him. He asked coldly, "is this your goods?"

His deep eyes flashed a bloodthirsty light, glancing at the rows of men in white suit in front of him.

He was dressed in a black overcoat, which was opened to the air. His brown casual clothes were exposed. Dancing briskly in the air. And his black trousers were clean and straight. Her slender figure was dispersed by the hair of her forehead.

The men in white standing in front of him were all lowering their heads, trembling with fear.

"Say something! Are you deaf? "

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