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   Chapter 98 The Decision Of Edgar!

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"Then you can play in your own room for a while, and Edward will take you to school later."

Hilary nodded obediently, but his bright eyes eventually dimmed. He knew that his daddy would be busy again. Well, let it be. It's okay that uncle Edward drive him home! It was the same.

In fact, Hilary would be glad to have his father went to send him to school. When he arrived at school, he was very proud to be like those classmates who laughed at him that he did not have parents' love and said that he was sent to school by his father today and that he was the child loved by someone.

He saw other children were taken to school, and event their parents drove the children to school together.

Although he didn't know whether he had a mother, at least he had a father.

However, sometimes, his father was so busy that he didn't even have the time to send him to school. He even asked Uncle Edward to take his place.

This made Hilary a little unhappy, but he didn't care much because he knew that it was not because his father didn't love him. It was just that he was very busy.

Hence, Hilary jumped down from the chair and turned to his room.

Looking at the obedient boy going away, a glimmer of sadness flashed through Edward's eyes. He knew, Hilary was destined to have a different life and achieve something different.

Edgar was having his breakfast quietly. When he saw Hilary walk into the room, he stopped what he was doing.

Turning to Edward, Edgar asked seriously, "Have you found anything?"

Edward also put down his bowl and chopsticks, and said seriously: "it is said that the leader of the Dragon Tiger gang has been changed. Now the leader of the Dragon Tiger Gang is a woman, whose name is" Crystal ". As for her real identity, I haven't found out yet. But according to people in Dragon Tiger Gang, Crystal is also a decisive and cold-blooded person. Just two days ago, she even killed a person who was an undercover in Dragon Tiger gang. "

Hearing that,

oison on his body, but there was also a side effect, which was to move all the poison to the brain, which would cause a headache due to the brain damage.

Therefore, Edward worried that Edgar had a headache.

"It doesn't matter!" Edgar replied coldly

He had already been used to this kind of headache, as if thousands of scorpions were thrusting into his body at the same time.

Even so, he kept his temper.

After that, he cast a glance at Hilary's room and said, "I'm worried about him, so you don't have to come with me this time. Stay here and take care of Hilary for me. "

He was worried about his child and no one would take care of him.

Actually, he had noticed how frustrated Hilary was just now. He was not only Hilary's father, but also the president of the Luo family and the leader of the Shadow.

He wanted to be with Hilary all the time, enjoying the feeling of being loved at the same time. But he couldn't!

He still had a lot of things to do.

Edward wanted to say something. But he met Edgar eyes.

At the thought of this, he swallowed what he wanted to say.

He knew that once Edgar made a decision, no one could change his mind.

So he said nothing else.

After the meal, Edward sent Hilary to the kindergarten.

While Edgar had gone to the company to deal with the business.

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