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   Chapter 97 His Life In City A!

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The sun was shining on the child's face. He pushed off the quilt in disgust, revealing a cute baby with a plump belly. Then he opened his big round eyes sleepily. He swept around the room four weeks later, when he saw a beautiful face beside him who was still asleep.

He climbed on Edgar and said in a baby voice, "Daddy, I'm hungry. I want to eat something. Get up and cook for me."

After saying that, the little child continued to pinch Edgar's face with the two chubby little hands. In a second, the man in the bed opened his eyes impatiently. After taking a look at the little guy, he pinched the boy's nose affectionately and said, "I know you are hungry. I'll cook for you now. Get up, little boy. Go get dressed."

After that, the little guy stood up. When he saw the prepared clothes on the other side of the bed, he pouted and said, "Daddy, I've told you! I like yellow, blue and red. But I don't like white. Please don't let me wear white clothes! It's ugly! "

Edgar, who was already dressed by the bed, turned around. He frowned and rolled his eyes at Hilary, "you're talking too much, Hilary. I won't cook your favorite food..."

"Daddy won't make your favorite cake here."

his words worked.

Hilary got dressed obediently and.

Edgar smiled helplessly. Then he turned around and went to the kitchen to start working.

Three years ago, after he lost his memory, Edward gradually told him a lot of things. His father died, his mother committed suicide, and his father's company was no longer owned by the Luo family.

At first, he found it hard to accept the fact that he had a son. But gradually, he had gotten used to it. He gradually got to know the cause and effect of these things through Edward's words.

But, Edward didn't tell him anything about Hilary's mother.

But he didn't know why, there would be a person in his mind from

d almost stand up. Why do you keep on thinking about that? Eat! Eat! "

Without any impression of weakness, Hilary said, "I'm growing up. Why don't you let me eat?"

Hearing Hilary's words, Edward was speechless. In his eyes, Hilary didn't look like a three-year-old kid at all. Hilary did a lot of things by himself every day.

He had to change clothes, eat food, wash clothes and so on.

A hint of bitterness flashed across his heart. 'Hilary is supposed to be acting like a spoiled child, but he is so obedient.'.

After a while, Edgar's breakfast was almost ready.

He took off his apron and came to the living room. "Hilary, wash your hands and have dinner!"

Then, he looked at Edward and said, "come on, have a taste!"

Hilary was so obedient that he put down the snacks in his hand. Suddenly, he got up from the tea table, ran to the kitchen, washed his hands, and had breakfast.

And then Edward came along.

Sitting at the table, the three were having their breakfast quietly.

Taking a glance at Hilary, who was sitting next to him and eating seriously, Edgar smiled with satisfaction.

Seeing that the food was almost eaten, he asked, "Hilary, are you full?"

Hilary nodded and replied, "yes, daddy. I'm full.

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