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   Chapter 96 He's Got An Idea!

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But what really confused Crystal was why he came to see her, although he knew where she was. However, without the order of the young master, she did not need to appear in front of him. Even if she had a task to hand over to him, she would send somebody first, or video chat with him to fulfill the task.

But today …He actually came to her She really couldn't figure it out.

Although Crystal had no idea, but Caleb knew it clearly.

He could crush her chin if he pinched her chin slightly. However, he did not do that but looked at her coldly.

Crystal was so beautiful, but she was extremely calm at the moment. He almost lost his temper again. How could this damn woman act without his order! damn! Damn it!

Only himself knew that the reason why he was angry was not that she did not do as he had told her, but that she never treated him as a member of her own in her heart. Otherwise, why did she take this action without telling him.

Only himself knew that he was worried about her, When he heard that she was going to assassinate the leader of the shadow hall, he was so angry that he hovered back and forth in his room. After he arranged everything well, he immediately rushed over. From this moment on, he knew that he had already fallen in love with her. But his love was selfish. Even if he had to die, he would still control her.

He was afraid that she would die there. He created this woman by himself and would never allow her to escape from his control. Even if she died, it was up to him.

But he didn't admit it. He was afraid that Crystal would hold back when she saw Edgar again!

no This woman belonged to him! yes! It will always be his! '!

After a moment of silence, he let go of her chin.

He stood up arrogantly. He said coldly, "Crystal, this is the last one. Do you understand?"

"Yes, young master!" Crystal did not care about it at all. She pinched her red chin, making her feel a slight pain, and she just answered firmly.

She knew what he said was the fact tha

she be open to life. She already forgot how many times she had suffered from insomnia, and how many times she dreamed of her unborn child.

Every time she had a dream, in which she had a baby. A bloody baby slowly walked towards her and stopped one meter away from her.

Sitting in front of her, he looked her in the eye and asked her in a tearful voice, "why don't you want me?"! Why did she abandon him!

She wanted to explain to her children that she wanted to go over and hug her child, but she found that she could not walk. She found that her voice could not speak no matter how she shouted in her heart.

Just as she was heartbroken and crying, that child disappeared with a flash! She was also awakened.

One after another, she drank the wine one by one. The apartment was quite big, and the decoration was simple, and she didn't like complicated things.

In a short while, she felt dizzy, and everything in front of her was spinning. At this moment, she knew that she was drunk.

She felt dizzy when she was drunk. But she knew how sober she was now.

At this moment, in the empty room, only she, felt really lonely.

Now she had been used to loneliness, to enjoy loneliness, sadness and sorrow all by herself.

Then she got up unsteadily and climbed onto her bed. She threw back the quilt and fell asleep quietly.

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