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   Chapter 95 Why Is He Here

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After arranging all the affairs, Crystal rubbed her forehead and stood up. She walked to the bookshelf and took out a bottle of Lafite from 1982. She opened it with one hand and raised a glass of transparent wine with the other. Then she poured a glass of wine and walked to the window. Sitting elegantly by the window, she stood on the windowsill.

Looking at the scenery outside the window, a touch of sadness flashed in her cold eyes. She lost in thought immediately. Who would have thought that the cute and reckless girl three years ago would become the leader of the Dragon Tiger Gang now? Who would have thought that Ivy was not dead, but had learned all her skills and made the current Crystal.

She swayed the glass of red wine gently with her left hand, leaving one or two lines of tears on the corner of her eyes, which aroused a certain bitterness in her heart. There was no longer Ivy in the world. She was just Crystal, cold without heart.

She often thought that she should thank the people who once hurt her, the people who once wanted to kill her, and the people who was cruel to her. If it were not for them, perhaps she would not be who she was today.

It was the heartache that she understood the danger of the human heart.

Thinking of this, Crystal took a sip of the wine. Now she had changed a lot, including her appearance, but also her inner personality. In fact, she liked the naive Ivy in the past. At least, she was happy at that time.

But now she didn't know what was happiness. She could pretend to be indifferent even if she felt painful.

'Edgar, thank you for being so cruel. No matter how many people around you protect you this time, I will assassinate you at all costs!'!

This time, if she was alive by accident, the next people to die would be none other than Olivia and Mia. She would never let them happy too long!

After she drank another glass of wine, she stood up and turned around. She came to the bookshelf s

y, I dare not!" She didn't expect him to come.

Suddenly, the man stood up gracefully, came to Crystal, bent down, and gently lifted her chin with a pair of big hands, raising her head slightly.

Ethan's deep eyes sparkled with a cruel light. He stared at the woman in front of him, and said in a cold voice, "you don't dare do that? Crystal, I find you are really bold. You don't even blush when you lie, and your heart doesn't beat fast. "

She felt a sharp pain in her chin because the man pinched it so hard that she forced herself to look at him calmly. The sweat came out from her forehead and scattered on the man's fingers, but he didn't care.

When Crystal met his cold eyes, she could not help but tremble. She knew that she could not hide it from him in the end, but she also planned to hide it from him. She knew that there would always be someone spying on her, so she did not dare to hide anything.

She wasn't scared by his angry eyes. She didn't care if he would be angry or if he would crush her chin. She would not change her mind once she made up her mind.

She stared at his ordinary face for a long time. In fact, she knew that this face was not his. He must have been disguised before he came. At such a short distance, when she saw the mark on his neck, she knew she was right.

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