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   Chapter 94 Crystal's Choice

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Paul knew the story of Crystal. From Crystal, he could get that heartbreaker, Edgar, was a member of shadow group. But he wasn't sure if he was the CEO of shadow group. He had only heard about him from Crystal that he might be the CEO of shadow group.

But this "however", it did make Paul very worried, so he wanted to meet her and persuade her.

Right! Just as she was negotiating with a group of men, Crystal suddenly felt a sense of confidence from her mobile phone. The CEO of the shadow group would return to City A. "

It was a simple sentence, but it stirred up waves in her heart. Crystal clearly remembered that Edgar once said that he worked in the shadow group, or maybe he was the CEO of the shadow group.

It was obvious that the message was from Paul. So they made an appointment to meet at the same place.

Determined, Crystal looked into his eyes seriously and said, "Paul, no matter what happens, I want to have a try! Even if he isn't the guy coming to America, I'm not afraid of that. After all, I have killed too many people. I don't care if I'm wrong or not. "

"Are you sure you don't mind?" Hearing his question, Crystal could not help but take a few steps back.

In fact, only Paul knew that Crystal was not a vicious person. She had killed all of those people with an unpardonable heart. She had never killed a good person or an innocent person. For example, the former boss of Dragon Tiger Group, Tiger Head, looked savage on the surface, but he was also abnormal deep down. He was creepy.

In general, the women he had hurt were not only countless, but also virgins. Although on the surface, when Tiger Head saw a beautiful woman, his legs would go soft, and no matter what kind of beauty he would hold, the only woman who had returned to the Dragon Tiger Group was a virgin.

It could be said that Crystal who killed Tiger Head really did something good.

Paul knew that although being cold-blooded outside, Crystal was kind inside.


s that they should obey their boss! They would do whatever she liked without any objection.

As expected, their reply satisfied her very much. She never thought her employees were cowards.

In fact, she could act alone. She had someone by her side, and that person had sent her some elites, but they were useless at the moment, because even if they were elites, their boss would never be her.

And now Crystal just wanted a private part of her company, and she was the only one in charge.

Indeed, Crystal had made it. She had her own company and her own employees. Although she was still not able to control all of them, she knew that it wouldn't be long before she completely got it.

So, after telling Toby and Terry, she sent several more people to the shadow group to inquire about the news. They were shocked. After all, they had never interfered with the shadow group for so many years, but if compared with the shadow group, the Dragon Tiger Group could only compare with a small part of the shadow group.

The financial resources of shadow group had already spread throughout the country, while the financial resources of Dragon Tiger Group was only a tip of the iceberg.

Of course, no one had expected that their boss would finally make it and do so well. Of course, it was the story in the future.

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