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   Chapter 93 Crystal, Did You Make Up Your Mind

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Updated: 2020-01-27 00:22

Wearing black clothes, Crystal stood there straight, and the man who knelt in front of her was called Toby. Crystal looked down at Toby without saying a word. Then she raised her head and walked slowly in front of those men in black and circled them. With their heads down, the men in black listened to their rapid heartbeat and they felt being invisibly suppressed.

This strange feeling made everyone want to die. Rather than living in such a silent pressure, it was better to fight. At this moment, they did not see through the Crystal's emotionless mind.

Crystal, she walked around them silently. When she turned around, she came to the desk where she was sitting slowly. Then she was seated on a rotating chair again.

She took a cold glance at them, including Toby who was still kneeling on the ground. She said coldly, "let me tell you, the reason why I gather them in the city isn't some reason for their development. It's just that I don't want you to know my personal reason. I won't tell you what will happen if I take over the Dragon Tiger gang.

After that, she continued after a pause, "and, I can tell you clearly that I just want to develop the Dragon Tiger gang very well and become a great help to my development in the city. I know that some of you may disdain that city, but as long as I want it, And that's what I want! So if anyone of you feel that following me doesn't have any prospect, you can leave by yourselves. I will never force you! "

A loud voice rose to their ears. They never expected that their boss could speak out his thoughts without reservation. What surprised them more was that their boss actually told them that the reason why the men of the Dragon Tiger gang were gathered in the city was only for her personal reasons.

In other words, their boss meant clearly that the next target of

r, "Crystal, I know how much you hate him and how much you want to take revenge. But have you ever thought that you can't take such a risk since it's not the best time yet?

Paul was her first friend in these three years. Crystal still remembered that she got hurt and fainted by the river when she finally got over it and was rescued by Paul. Therefore, they became good friends without hiding anything.

Paul had a fascinating face. He had thick eyebrows and big eyes, a good nose, and a small mouth. Although his features were not so good-looking, but he did have a delicate face altogether.

He was a man and a handsome man. Even his voice was attractive.

But this man, no matter perfect or not, was a cripple.

He walked unsteadily, but Crystal had never mentioned it. She still made friends with him.

It was also because of this that he always cared about Crystal.

Just now he got the news that the president of the Shadow would go back to America to take charge tomorrow night. But who was the president? No one knew, because they had never seen the president of the Shadow. It was said that Shadow was mysterious, and their president was even more mysterious! Almost no one had ever seen him before.

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