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   Chapter 92 Crystal (4)

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Crystal was leaning on the black turning chair, eyes closed for rest. Several men in black stood respectfully opposite her, and their faces looked solemn.

They raised their heads slightly and looked around. the same room but different decoration. The room once belonged to the former gang leader - the Tiger Head, who was really lecherous. Therefore, various strange private items of men were placed in the room, and even the wallpaper on the wall was a photo of naked beauties.

The decoration of the room was totally different from what it had been used to be. The original nude beauty was replaced with a dark grey wallpaper.

And the former milk white curtains were now all in dark grey.

And the toys and accessories used to be placed on the bookshelf by strange men were removed and replaced with a variety of flying knives.

They didn't understand their boss. They had thought that even though girls didn't like beautiful clothes, they would at least be interested in antiques and paintings, but this new boss was really good. He loved to fiddle with some delicate blades, which were also various.

They all thought their boss was a tough nut to crack. Some rebellious guys gave up the idea immediately. They didn't dare to fight a woman who knew flying knives.

Although they didn't see Crystal combat with a flying knife before, they heard that their former boss had been killed by current boss's flying knife. Obviously, the woman was extremely agile.

At the thought of this, the men in black standing in front of Crystal were even more scared. They all stood with their heads bowed respectfully.

After refreshed herself with her eyes closed, she opened her eyes slowly and glanced coldly at the people in black standing in front of her. When she saw the solemn and respectful expressions on the faces, she grinned with satisfaction. Sure enough, her goal was achieved.

The silent impact did work.

Then, she looked coldly at t

g, she was silent for a moment, and then a cold order made them extremely confused, "tell all of you that you should gather your power in city A in a month. Do you understand?"

The black men standing in front of her were all shocked, and even the men named Toby boldly questioned, "Master, is it appropriate to do that! Dragon Tiger Gang is one of the best gangs in America. Why do we have to go to that small city? We make all the deals here in America. Why? "

Before he could finish his sentence, Toby received cold glances from Crystal. He shivered and shut up his mouth in fear.

"Are you doubting my order?" A cold, unemotional voice spread through the air.

It was precisely Crystal, cold and indifferent, that gave people a sense of pressure.

"I dare not!" Toby knelt on one knee and bowed his head with cupped fists. He was indeed a little timid at the moment, with a trace of sweat on his handsome face, which showed the great power of Crystal.

Again, there was silence. With a calm and expressionless face, Crystal gently played the ring in her hand, turned round and round. The opposite rows of men even buried their heads hard in the neck, and even breath was very low.

After a moment of silence, Crystal stood up and walked up to Toby slowly without asking him to stand up.

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