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   Chapter 91 Crystal (3)

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She was very light, very skilled, and very fast. It took her less than ten minutes to solve all the troubles here after entering the door.

After a casual glance at the four men lying on the ground, Crystal walked to the dead Tiger Head and quickly scanned the paper on him. Sure enough, when she saw the Tiger Head's big trousers pocket, she smiled weirdly. She stretched her slender fingers to read the document in the pocket.

She took up the document and wiped it lightly. She needed to take back the document.

This document was Dragon Tiger Group's contract. With it, the owner was the boss.

Then, after everything was done, Crystal stood up with a cold heart, deliberately wrinkled her clothes, and deliberately expose her white shoulder a little. She pretended to be set up, and squeezed a tear from her charming eyes.

Then she looked at herself and thought, 'Wow, I'm so perfect.

Then she opened the door and ran out.

Then she left the complicated pub.

Standing in a row of bodyguards outside the room 236 they saw a disheveled woman running out of the room with an ambiguous smile on their faces. They didn't think too much about it, because they thought it was common to see such a situation. Who was their boss? He was the boss of the Dragon Tiger Group! So countless women wanted to sleep with their boss!

As for their boss, he was a crazy man who accept all the beautiful women. Once he was done, he would kick away the women. It was obvious that the beautiful woman who just cried out was exactly that kind of woman. So they did not feel anything unusual.

Otherwise, the bodyguard with black beard, who was guarding the door, closed the door as usual.

They never thought that the four people in the house had died.

They heard nothing at all.

After about hal

ey knew that if the Dragon Tiger Group didn't have a great help from the woman who often met their boss in person, they couldn't make it today.

But then again, even they would think of that woman. She just wanted the Dragon Tiger Group to be her staff. When the company was no longer of use to her, they would be driven back only by her.

What they hated most was their boss's submission and humbleness to a woman. They could bear to be scolded, but they couldn't bear their boss's disgusting face. They weren't close to the Tiger Head.

Instead, they thought their boss should be self-esteem from time to time, so that they would not be looked down upon by others, instead of a hypocritical man lurking behind a woman.

At this moment, they saw hope from Crystal and proud spirits that they had lost. When they joined in, they only wanted to be proud to face their enemies and say no to them.

At that moment, when Crystal saw a look of admiration from them, she smiled with satisfaction, which was exactly what she wanted.

It would be a piece of cake for her to make them surrender to her and become their boss.

Sure enough, the mind reading skill she had learned was really useful.

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