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   Chapter 90 Crystal(2)

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With a charming smile, Crystal casually put one hand on the man's shoulder and said, "let's get another drink." She used another hand to pull his tie.

The man was surprised that the drunk beauty suddenly leaned on him. His eyes lit up and he squinted at Crystal lustfully.

"Since you like me to keep you company, let's go! Let's go inside and drink. Let's get drunk! "

The man looked at her and said. He thought to himself, 'today, I'm so lucky to meet a beautiful drunk woman. Look at her and she has a strong smell of alcohol. Damn! I am turning on' He was so lucky.

Feeling the man's lustful eyes, Crystal felt a little sick in her heart, but she didn't show it on her face. She still looked like a drunk woman.

In order to attract the man who was having sex on the sofa, Crystal intentionally enlarged her intoxicating voice, "well, this is what you said, and you can't go back on it!" after saying that, she inadvertently revealed a charming smile.

This made the man beside her happier. He pulled her to the sofa, and the other two men who stood up also came over and sat next to her. "Wow, beautiful girl? You are so charming!"

Another man also came up and said, "Come on. Let me have a look. The erotic also approached.

She deliberately avoided those hands and said, "You guys are so impatient!" "

And this time the voice was more tempting than before.

Sure enough, her voice attracted the attention of the man on the sofa. The man inadvertently turned his head and looked at what happened on another sofa.

He couldn't take his eyes off her face anymore when he saw Crystal.

e? Do you feel any bitterness? "

Tiger Head stopped teasing.

With an astonished expression on his face, he did feel the female's abnormality.

But before he could understand what was on her mind, he heard it clearly.

She had poisoned him!

Obviously, he knew what she meant.

With a smile of satisfaction on her face, Crystal said, "Tiger Head, now you know you have been poisoned. Does it taste good?"

The tone, the action, and the coldness in her tone were like they were talking about something that they had no idea of. It was like a conversation about life with Tiger Head.

Before he could say anything, Tiger Head froze and fell on the ground.

The three men sitting on the sofa saw their boss fall to the ground somehow and they suddenly stood up.

Before the three men realized what had happened, Crystal quickly took out her knife, "whoosh!" Crystal stabbed the three men with knifes thrown into their foreheads, and they fell down slowly with their eyes wide open. She took back her knife coldly.

Indeed, it was true that she was deadly.

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