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   Chapter 89 Crystal (1)

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Los Angeles was a beautiful and graceful place, also known as the city of angels. In this beautiful city, the residents were complex, and the gangs of various forces were also complex. In the United States, besides the Shadow Group, in the past two years, the Dragon Tiger Gang, a humble gang, also suddenly grew stronger and stronger.

The leader of the Dragon Tiger Gang, also known as Tiger Head, had strong influence here.

The name of the nightclub was the same as its name, because it was famous in Los Angeles. Because of its prosperity, elegance, it was even more famous for its unique style.

A pub was decorated into a palace. The waiters and usherettes outside the door were all in ancient costume, and the inside of the pub was totally different.

The mixed air was filled with the smell of alcohol and tobacco. The music was so loud that it almost deafened the deaf. Men and women crazily moved their waist and buttocks in the dancing floor. Women dressed cool and coquettishly played with men and flirted with the men with flirtatious words. Women coquettishly curled up in men's arms and kissed with each other. Men were flirting with the women who could not control themselves.

And in the bar, a figure inadvertently passed through and came to room 2368.

Crystal was in a red mini skirt, her perfect figure looming in the light. She was wearing a pair of white high-heeled shoes, and her face was wearing a heavy make-up

Crystal had put on a heavy makeup on her face. When she got dressed in the bathroom just now, she stood in front of the mirror in the bathroom and looked at her charming face. She smiled weirdly and touched her cheek which was painted by herself.

A trace of bitterness flashed through her heart. In fact, she did not have such a face up to now. She still remembered

rned around and left the washroom with a weird smile.

When she walked to the bathroom, she closed her eyes. Then she opened her eyes and looked around with a pair of blurred eyes. When her eyes swept across the corridor, she finally saw room 236 8. She gave a charming smile and staggered forward.

She pretended to enter casually, her body shaking as she pushed the door open.


With a quick glance at the situation in the room from the corner of her eye, Crystal saw the situation quickly.

There was a man lying on the bed, and on the sofa, three men were drinking three women leaning in the men's arms. Some were singing and some were drinking, and they were playing happily.

Outside the door, there stood rows of men in black suits respectfully.

However, all of them stopped when they noticed that there was a sexy lady who just broke in. Only the man and woman on the sofa was not easily noticed.

A trace of nausea quickly flashed across Crystal's blurred eyes. Then she continued to pretend to be drunk and leaned on the man who walked forward. She knew that the man was not the Tiger Head, neither the two men who stood up. Obviously, the man who lay on the sofa was a tiger.

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