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   Chapter 88 Reborn

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"I heard that the next target is Dragon Tiger gang, and its boss is the Tiger Head. And this time, the boss wants you to take charge of the Dragon Tiger gang as a reward for your outstanding performance in the past three years. "

A man in Black said to Crystal, standing in the suburb at a dark and windy night.

Her cold voice came out without emotion, "well, I see", and she turned around at the same time.

She was wearing a pair of black fur boots, a black leather cap and a pair of leather gloves. Her long hair hung about her waist, giving off a powerful sense of coldness. She raised her head and gave a cold look at the man.

"Tell me the place and time!"

The man couldn't help trembling when looking at her cold eyes. He didn't expect that she could hold on for three years, and became more decisive and ruthless.

She had a beautiful face and a unique mole on it. Until now, no one dared to look straight at her.

"Night Phoenix, room 236 8. At nine o'clock in the evening. "

The man bowed his head slightly and said.

Crystal replied coldly, nodding her head.

Then, she raised her arm and took a quick glance at the watch on her wrist. She thought that there was still an hour left.

She clearly remembered how scared she was in the past. No matter how far the distance was, she could exactly throw the knife into the target's forehead.

She tried her best to calm down and shook her hands at the man in front of her.

Then she threw it right in the man's face.

At that time, she saw the man slowly fell down in front of her with his eyes wide open. Since then, she had been so scared that she would wake up in the nightmare for the next two days. She wouldn't dare to sleep again after that, because she might dream of the opening eyes of that man.

In the end, even she herself became numb. From then on, she finally understood that what Edgar had said "suffering can still lead to

stay away from all the people. Don't worry, mom. When everything is over, I will be who I am.

Tears streamed down her cheeks. Crystal touched the necklace on her neck by accident. The necklace was unique in the world. It wasn't finely made, but it was very exquisite, not as delicate as the diamond. The necklace was the birthday present for her from Edgar.

It was the first birthday gift she had received after her mother's death. It was made by him. She was shocked, but she was moved.

Now she put the necklace around her neck was not because she loved him, but because she hated him. Every day when she was about to die in the fighting, she would caress the necklace casually and tell herself in her heart that she couldn't die. There was hatred, and she wouldn't die until she successfully revenge.

In this way, the necklace seemed to carry her endless energy, making her forget the pain and insist again. In fact, she knew that the necklace did not have magic. Everything was just her will to insist.

She touched the necklace again, telling herself that she, Ivy, had been reborn and Ivy would go back to revenge soon!

She encouraged herself, 'Crystal, when you come back, they will suffer.'.

The night was long and only she was waiting for the right time.

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