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   Chapter 87 Ivy Was Reborn (1)

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Ivy glimpsed at the back of the masked man outside the door from the corner of her eye, and a trace of bitterness flashed through her cold eyes. Now she was the only one left. The baby was gone, and now all she had was hatred and hatred. So no matter what the masked man wanted to talk about with her, she would accept it.

At the same time, she was wondering what exactly she had? She couldn't believe that the masked man had tried so hard to save her.

Although she could obviously feel a bit familiar from the cold tone of the masked man, she just couldn't remember who he was?

At that time, she was not the naive girl anymore. She suddenly found that she had learned to think and analyze. Perhaps, it was a nature. Perhaps, in the past, she was just too simple, not not not that stupid.

When Ivy came to her senses, she shifted her eyes from outside to the two black Jumpsuit next to her. Then she wrinkled her brows and shook her head impatiently.

Then she put on the clothes beside her casually and got out of the bed.

In fact, just like her sister, Ivy also didn't like black. For her, black represented darkness. She grew up in a dark childhood, so she hated black things.

But now it didn't matter to her any more. It could be said that she was forcing herself to like darkness.

When she realized this, she closed her eyes and opened her eyes. The black clothes she wore as well as the black furniture in the room made her feel less annoyed.

She calmly walked out of the room to the living room.

The decoration of the villa was the same as that of the bedroom, making people feel breathless and depressing

In the living room, the masked man was sipping tea elegantly. Although his face could not be seen, the graceful movement and slender figure of him could tell that he must be very handsome, but Ivy didn't care about it at all.

Wearing the same black dress, she stood in the c

"Okay, my name is Crystal." Ivy raised her head and looked into his eyes.

Her name was Crystal, because her heart was as cold as ice. There was no warmth and only hatred as well as cruelty. That's what she needed. So Crystal was fine.

She was quite satisfied with this name.

"All right, Crystal. From now on, you will receive a brand new devil like training. Someone will take you to the training field later, and he will take you to different places or even different countries with three years of training. Whether you will die or not in the three years depends on yourself, when you come back, it will be the day of your rebirthThis is also a test for you. It's up to you whether you can succeed or not. Do you understand? Crystal! "

The masked man said coldly. He told ivy that if she wanted to take revenge, she had to fight for it by herself.

"Yes, sir! I will work hard to realize my change. I won't disappoint you!"

Intentionally or unintentionally, ivy had already taken this man as her master. The second life was given to her by him, and it was natural to be his subordinate.

The masked man said to himself, staring at the receding figure of Crystal! That said: Ivy, from this day on, your life will not be white. Are you willing to do that?

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