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   Chapter 86 His Mother Is Dead!

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Updated: 2020-01-25 00:32

There was a flash of pity in Edward's eyes. He slowly said, "his mother is dead!" No, he couldn't tell him the truth now. He was afraid that he couldn't stand such a thing.

After careful consideration, Edward told him the fake news that his mother was dead. Actually, Edward didn't know where Ivy was either?

At the moment, Edgar felt his heart ache for no reason. He didn't know why, but he really felt it.

A paramedic walked towards him with a baby in his arms. The baby was so wrinkled and hadn't grown yet.

"Mr. Edgar, this is your child. It is healthy for now. You can take it back."

The nurse was 17 or 18 years old. She was wearing a uniform. Her body was sexy with the uniform on.

Taking a look at the baby, who was still sleeping, Edgar felt somewhat familiar.

Only by one glance, Edgar knew that the baby was his. The sense of familiarity between him and the baby grew stronger and stronger.

He walked forward and took the baby. When Edgar held the baby in his arms, he suddenly opened his little eyes. Then he turned over peacefully and fell asleep in his arms.

Then Edgar and Edward left the hospital one after the other.

The straw was green and the stream was crystal. In the cozy environment, in San Francisco, there was a villa over a thousand meters wide in the forest. To be exact, it was a military secret park where people were all dressed in the same clothes. The only difference was that whether there were scars on their faces.

In a room inside the mysterious mansion, the group of doctors in white were working on their operation, and in front of them stood a man in black with a coat on. He also had a mask on his face.

The man said to the doctors in a cold voice, "save her or you'll die!"



It was not strange for a man to have a bracelet around his arm. However, he looked just like a infatuated man. The man was dressed in black, and even wore a black mask, so the bracelet on his arm was very special.

"Ivy, I didn't expect you to survive." A husky and domineering voice reached her ears.

At this time, Ivy slowly turned to him and said, "thank you very much for your help."

"Now that you are awake, it's time to talk about our deal. I'll wait for you in the living room!"

"Okay! Sir, after you. I'll come soon. " Ivy said expressionlessly. She was not naive to think that the man had saved her out of good intentions, so when she proposed a deal, she agreed without hesitation.

However, her answer without hesitation made the man who had planned to leave paused. Then, he threw out, "sure enough, the reborn ivy is more interesting." Then he left the room.

That's right to describe her reborn. The words "rebirth" were indeed very suitable for her at the moment.

After the masked man left, she drew back her gaze and then fixed her eyes on the black clothes placed on the bed. Sure enough, the man had thought of her waking up.

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