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   Chapter 85 Edgar Has Lost His Memory

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Updated: 2020-01-25 00:22

While Edward was thinking quietly, he suddenly saw the index finger of Edgar's right hand was slowly moving.

Edward thought he was dreaming. But it wasn't an illusion. He exclaimed happily, "Mr. Edgar, you are finally awake! Mr. Edgar! "

When Edgar opened his eyes, he saw a strange man shouting beside him.

Edgar frowned and said, "Hello! who are you? Why are you shouting in my ears? I'm not deaf! "

At this moment, Edward's mouth was wide open. What was going on! Someone else took control his mind? what?

What the hell was going on? Edward needed to call the doctor. That was why he ran away as fast as a mouse seeing a cat.

Leaving Edgar in a daze alone, he was thinking about where this strange place was? Who was the crazy guy that turned and left at a fast speed?

Before he could figure out what was going on, a man in white gown walked towards him. With the medical record in his hand, the man stroked his head and then used the little flashlight to check and ask questions about the surrounding information he got from Edgar.

When Edgar was about to lose his temper, the doctor stopped.

Then, the doctor called Edward out.

"What? He had lost his memory! How could it be possible? " Edward didn't believe that Edgar would loss his memory after being hit on the head unexpectedly.

The doctor gave her a serious look and said, "Yes, he suffered from amnesia because of the serious trauma on his head, but there are several cases of amnesia.

He might fail to remember the past, and he could only remember what happened later.

And he might could only forget those important things. There is a high possibility that Mr. Edgar has lost his memory because he only remembered the past and he is mentally healthy now. "

Edward found it both funny and annoying. He is mentally healthy now? Edward pinched his nose and asked in confusion, "what? What about his mindset? "

The doctor explained patiently, "A a

ischarge procedure now! "

At the same time, he was under estimating. He really doubted that if Edgar had some intellectual problems. Why did he always have no idea!

"Edgar, you? "

"Are you really all right?"

For this Edgar, who quickly adapted to the new environment, Edward really didn't know how to describe his mental state. Just a few hours ago, Edgar was still in a severe coma, but at this moment, looking at the man standing by the bed in high spirits, he was still in a daze.

"What happened?" Hearing that, Edgar turned his head to take a look at him. Then he continued to fasten the buttons on his shirt.

"But, there is still your..."

"What? "

"Your Your baby? Shall we take him back together? "

In fact, Edward wanted to say that Edgar was poisoned! But he held back those words. Edgar had just woken up and lost his memory. As for the matter that he was poisoned, Edward thought he'd better tell him later.

My baby? Hearing that, Edgar, suddenly realized that he had a baby.

Hearing that, Edgar turned around. In confusion, he asked, "is that true?"

"Yes, you have a child." Edward nodded.

"Where is he? "

"In the maternity ward."

"Where is his mother?" Edgar shook his head hard. He really couldn't remember who was the mother of his child?

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