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   Chapter 83 You Couldn't Die!

Dreaming Of You By Mo Yufei Characters: 6119

Updated: 2020-01-25 00:02

Two men in suits put their hands on Ivy's shoulders so that she couldn't move. The two men looked at the feeble Ivy and showed a little pity. But when they thought of the means Olivia used, they became vicious at once.

With a creepy smile, Olivia picked up that bottle of liquid and walked to Ivy enchantingly like a devil. She smiled slyly and the viciousness in her eyes was obvious.

She was only a few steps away from Ivy. Her high heels were on the floor, making harsh sounds, as if she was stepping on Ivy's heart. Ivy felt like it had been through centuries, which was torturing her. Her eyes were red, filled with fear, and she was struggling madly

But under the control of two men, how could Ivy get rid of their control!

When Olivia came to Ivy, she took her head and gave a hint to the two men to take Ivy under control.

It was not until now that Ivy was unable to move. So, Olivia raised her chin and held up the transparent liquid in the other hand. Then, she shook it in front of Ivy's eyes slightly.

"Have a guess. What kind of wonderful thing will happen after you drink it?"

"If, if I am still alive, I swear that I will make your life a living hell. If, I am dead, my ghost will definitely come back for revenge."

Olivia was stunned by her words. A hint of fear flashed in the corner of her eyes. However, it didn't last long. She raised her left hand again and slapped on Ivy's face.

"Ivy, I only wanted to kill your baby. Since you're so rebellious, today is your last day."

The pain from the cheek made Ivy sneer, "Olivia, you'd better not let me go. If I'm free, I'll definitely let you experience the pain of losing everything."

"Really! I'll wait. " Even though, being scolded by Ivy made her frightened, she tried to calm down.

Then, she didn't want to talk to Ivy any more. S

vy who was lying on the blood, "Ivy! Ivy! Wake up. What happened to you? What happened? no no You can't die! "

His hands trembling, he held her up. His heart was dripping blood, and a tear ran from the corner of his eyes. He was wrong. He should be with her. He should take care of her. He should be with her all the time.

"Ivy! Please don't leave me alone. I'll take you to the hospital right now. "He tried to calm herself down.

In fact, when he entered the house, he felt something unusual. When he saw Leo fainting on the lawn, he knew that it must be something happening to Ivy.

He had ordered Leo to guard outside the door all the time to observe her.

Although he monitored her literally, only he knew that he was afraid that Ivy would commit suicide again.

However, Edgar was wrong. He was extremely afraid of losing her again. He had never been so scared like today. Last time, when she committed suicide, he was also afraid. However, at that time, he could clearly feel her heartbeat.

But this time, he couldn't feel her breath. Was she already dead... no No, he didn't believe it. As her body in his arms slowly became cold, he still insisted, insisted! He must save her! He must save her!

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