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   Chapter 82 What Do You Want To Do

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The sudden voice startled Ivy, who was sitting on the sofa. She sprang up from the sofa. It was the voice of Tyron!

Ivy stood up trembling, a little panic in her eyes. She frowned, one hand holding the sofa, the other pointing to Olivia, "What on earth do you want?" It never occurred to her that Olivia even wanted to take revenge on Tyron. After all, he was the son of her sister, and he was her only child. She could not let anything bad happen to him again.

With a worried look on her face, Olivia raised a corner of her lips. As she expected, Mia came up with a good idea. At this moment, she felt a kind of inexplicable joy.

"Ivy, Edgar told me that he could marry me. But he said that he wanted me to hold your child and enter the wedding after you gave birth to the baby. However, as you know, I am a woman with self-esteem. How could I become the mother of other people's child! Not to mention the child of my rival in love. "

At this moment, apart from anger, Ivy was also distressed. That person was going to give her child to that vicious woman, Olivia. She really wanted to take out Edgar's heart and see how his heart was so vicious. She hated him, she hated him, she regretted, she regretted falling in love with him, and she regretted meeting him.

With a sarcastic smile on Olivia's face, Ivy realized that she had to try her best to stay calm. She could only rely on herself now. What should she do? With little Tyron in the hands of Olivia, how could she save him? After hearing what Olivia said, Ivy had indirectly understood that the target today was her baby in her belly.

The next moment, just as expected, Olivia stood up elegantly and waved her hand. Then one of the men in black suit walked up to her and handed

e poison herself. In this case, Olivia didn't need to be in jail or be a vicious woman.

"What if I say no?" Ivy said word by word. No, she couldn't give up her child. But what about Tyron?

With such entanglement in her heart, Ivy looked at Olivia coldly.

"Do you think you can escape? It seems that you are refusing a toast only to drink a forfeit. "

Olivia stood up and walked elegantly to Ivy. She touched Ivy's belly with one hand.

At the same time, both of Ivy's hands were pressed on the sofa by two men in black suits.

Ivy couldn't take it back or hit back. She knew that there was no hope, but she still didn't want to give up looking outside.

"What? Aren't you thinking about how to ask for help from Leo outside! Humph! The fool outside had been transferred by Edgar.

If the previous second she denied it in her heart, it was just because of jealousy of Olivia, but the next second, Ivy was completely disappointed.

That was because she knew that Leo was the man of Edgar's. Without the order of Edgar, how could Leo leave here.

After her being silent for a while, Olivia looked at the two men in black suit and said, "Do it!"

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