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   Chapter 81 Heart Broken

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As expected, Ivy thought of a person, Leo, who was standing outside. Yes! He could help.

So she squeezed out a fake smile. "Miss Olivia, since you're here, why won't I welcome you?" She didn't know when she found herself being double faced. Even though she didn't want Olivia to make trouble in her house, she still pretended to welcome her.

Ivy, do you hate yourself being this way? No, she didn't hate it at all. She knew that only such a person could live well and protect her heart from injury.

Therefore, when Ivy invited her in, she wanted to go to the door to call Leo in subconsciously.

However, when she walked out of the door and looked around, she suddenly found that there was no one outside. Immediately, she was confused. Usually, Leo wouldn't leave here. There were usually Leo and men in black who took turns to monitor her outside, but now there was no one.

Then, she suddenly saw a few men in black suits coming over. They were getting closer and closer, but she didn't know any of them. Obviously, "we" said by Olivia also included them.

The men looked cruel.

At the moment, she felt a little nervous for no reason. She was eager to know what kind of injuries would Olivia give her.

She always had a low psychological quality. However, after so many things, she had learned how to face it. Since she could not escape, she could only face it bravely.

She didn't know why Leo and the men in black who always guarded outside were not here today. Therefore, she had to rely on herself today.

So she turned around quietly and entered the door, but it was not closed. She wanted to leave a way to escape at any time.

In fact, she had met with Olivia for many times. In the past, she was often attacked by her mentally.

However, when she saw these expressionless men going straight into the living room, Ivy had a hunch that she might have a hard time today.

As she expected, Olivia walked to the sofa and sat down elegantly next second. With h

So, instead of telling her about the past, Olivia went straight to the point.

"Edgar asked me to come to the apartment today to revenge his father's death."

Ivy remained silent. Obviously, she didn't believe that.

"What? You don't believe me? Ivy. "

Indeed, Ivy didn't believe it. If Edgar really wanted her, why didn't he end her life earlier? And now, things were different. The baby in her belly was his. Didn't he really care about it?

After thinking about all these, Ivy regained her usual cold face.

But she was wrong. Then, she saw that Olivia took out a mobile phone from her bag. Ivy was quite familiar with this phone, which was the black latest release of the apples. This mobile phone belonged to Edgar.

He said that this was his other phone number, and only she and Tyron knew it. He had said that they were a family, so it was natural to use private contact information. She clearly remembered the word "Edgar" on the left corner of the phone and looked at the screen again. Sure enough, it was his phone.

What a good family! She laughed at herself, but then she couldn't even laugh at herself. Actually, Ivy didn't know that the phone was stolen by Olivia.

Olivia then took out her phone and recorded their conversation.

"Mother *, mother *, help me, help! (TN *: sworn mother)! "

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