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   Chapter 80 What On The Hell Are You Doing

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A beam of sunshine shone on the balcony of the apartment. Ivy's slender hands slid down the elegant European style curtains. With one end of her hair hanging down her waist, she put on a white pajama randomly. In a month, her state of mind had been improved a lot. She was no longer melancholy. The only reason for her to live was the baby in her belly.

As she looked at the round belly, she knew that the baby was growing day by day. She knew that Edgar would come back to the villa sooner or later and she was ready to leave. She wanted to escape. She had planned to give her baby to him when she went back to the prison. At least, he was its father. She could rest assured.

But now she didn't think so. She wanted to leave. She wanted to run away. She didn't want to leave her child to that cruel man. 'my child can't have a heartless father. That's right! No way.

She knew how hard she was and how much risk she had to take to make such a decision, but she was not afraid.

From the moment she eavesdropped the truth in the suburb, she knew that she had no way back. She wanted to run away, she wanted to run away with the child.

No matter how hard it would be, and even if she would be caught back, she would never regret dying outside, She wanted to find someone with kind heart to take care of her child. She didn't think she would let her child experience the pain she had suffered. She wanted to protect her child.

So she glanced through the window at Leo who was still guarding outside. She frowned and thought about how to escape. Leo was no so smart but he was quick in action. It's difficult for Ivy to deal with him.

At first, Ivy was a weak little woman, and now, she was a real pregnant woman. How could she compete with Leo? There was no doubt that she would be caught back, and it was impossible for her to run away. Thinking of this, she casually pulled down the curtain. Now it seemed that she didn't like the dazzling sunlight so much.

Ivy walked towards the bed with her clumsy body. She had been exercising in her nest all the time. But she did not know when, she was so laz

d a limited edition black Dior bag and wore a smile on her face, as if she were a good friend whom she hadn't seen for a long time.

Ivy, who was about to leave, turned back after she stepped out with her right foot and turned back suddenly.

Their eyes met. It was a contest between women. When Ivy heard the elegant voice outside, she knew that Olivia must come for something.

Therefore, she lifted her chest and looked at Olivia coldly, "Miss Olivia, long time no see. What brings you here?" Her voice was so soft as if she was greeting her on purpose.

Both coldness and calmness were the assessment Olivia gave to Ivy at this moment. She never thought that she could change so much in only one month. Squinting her eyes, Olivia still remembered the time when she saw Ivy in the prison a month ago. At that time, Ivy was so rude and arrogant!

But now, she had an oval face and her plump body was as thin as collarbone. The only thing that didn't change was that her belly was getting bigger and bigger. There was no doubt that Ivy was beautiful and very attractive.

As a result, a feeling of jealousy rose in her heart, but Olivia didn't show it.

Unexpectedly, Olivia smiled elegantly, "why don't you invite us in?"

"We..." it seemed that Olivia was not so easy to deal with today. Ivy thought to herself how to deal with this situation. After all, she couldn't have any accident now.

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