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   Chapter 79 The Idea Of Edgar

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After they left, Edward moved forward and asked, "Edgar, will you let her go like this? Why do I feel that what this woman said is wrong? "

Putting down his cup, Edgar raised his head and said solemnly, "yes. She didn't tell the truth. Mia can't be her master. Mia has worked at Hengli Group for three years, and she is not a patient person. It's not like her character to not hit for three years."

After a short pause, Edgar continued, "it is enough to prove that she has a stronger master than Mia does. She is vicious, and you can imagine that Zoe's master is also a vicious person, so Zoe won't say anything to displease her master even she needs to betray Mia.

After hearing what Edgar said, Edward who was standing next to him immediately understood what had happened.

"Edgar, why not use her to fish in the long run?

"She is just an abandoned child. What does she have to do with the fishing?"

"What do you mean?"

"That person is not so stupid as to let an assistant who has been working for me for many years know too many secrets. Now that Zoe has been expelled from a city, obviously, she is disabled. She is a useless person. We don't need to do anything to her. I believe that she won't live long like that,"

"Edgar, do you mean that Zoe will be killed to keep the secrets?"

Edgar answered simply. But it sounded like something was wrong.

So Edward looke

dgar. Can I follow you? I'm just worried..."

Edgar casually took the coat that Edward had brought from the hanger and casually put it on. He said coldly, "You should have minded your own business!"

What it meant was that Edgar agreed.

As Edgar's brother for many years, Edgar knew clearly that Edward was too worried about himself. He knew that, but he was not so weak. He must insist, so as to pave the way for her and keep her from worrying about the future.

When he walked to the door, he looked at Edward and asked casually, "did you make a safe plan for Ivy?"

Edward ran to the private elevator for the CEO and pressed on the button. "All right. the law firm will take actions after you leave the company."

Edward let out a sigh casually. A few days ago, Edgar asked him to contact his law firm and leave a property, which was enough for Ivy to raise their child without worrying about food and clothing.

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