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   Chapter 78 It's You!

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"Edward, you should know that we not only have that mysterious man, but also Mia to fight against. I have promised Jonathan that I would not hurt her by all means. But this time they really offend my bottom line. How can I not fight back? Even if I can't survive after half a year, I'll have them and the things they value most. "

All of a sudden, the atmosphere became quiet. Edgar still remembered that the day when he would die. A trace of bitterness flashed through Edward's heart. He finally accepted the fact that he would lose Edgar half a year later.

Hearing that, Edward closed his eyes, wept silently and said, "Edgar, you can recover. You will be fine. "

Edgar waved his hand and said, "well, whatever the result is, I won't give up myself. But I don't want Ivy to see me like this. I don't want her to be heartbroken for me after I die. I just want to give her the peace of her life after my death.

"After several fights, I found that Mia and her companions seemed to take actions against Ivy. I'm going to cut off all means of retreat this time. Just smash them into pieces! "

Now Edgar had lost his patience. After all, he did it for Ivy.

Indeed, Edward also noticed that, but he didn't point it out.

He knew that Edgar would not let Mr. Scott die for nothing. He would take revenge and he would avenge himself. That was enough.

"Okay, Edgar. I promise you that I'll keep her innocence." Edward said seriously.

And he felt relieved to have Edward's promise.

Hence, he quickly glanced at the data on his computer and said coldly, "Edward, I'll resign tomorrow."

"Yes, Mr. Edgar. I'll arrange it right away."

Just then, with a bang, a teacup fell to the ground outside the door.

Hearing that, Edgar squinted and fixed his eyes again. Without saying a word, he took a look at Edward. After giving him a n

believe what she had said or not? Zoe, who had been working for Edgar for several years, had never figured out what he was thinking about.

Standing aside and keeping silent, Edward knew that Mr. Edgar obviously didn't believe what this woman said. As for the question, he hadn't thought about it for the time being, but he recognized that Edgar was meticulous and thoughtful.

After a long time, when Zoe was about to be driven mad with a strong imposing manner from Edgar, there was one kind of person who seldom showed his mind, but would bring a little restless pressure and fear to you. Such a person was exactly Edgar.

Edgar didn't say whether he believed it or not. After a long silence, he said coldly, "get out of here. I don't want to see you again in the city."

Zoe looked at Edgar in surprise. Did he believe that? Did he let me go? She couldn't believe what she heard. In the opinion of Zoe, those who offended Edgar usually end up miserably. But now, Mr. Edgar asked her to get out! It was unbelievable.

To show her gratitude, Zoe kowtowed to Edgar with vigor and said, "thank you for not killing me, Mr. Edgar. I'm leaving the city right now." Then, Edgar saw Zoe in a panic, crawling out of the office.

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