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   Chapter 77 Hengli Group Was On The Verge Of Bankruptcy

Dreaming Of You By Mo Yufei Characters: 6381

Updated: 2020-01-23 10:39

Hearing that, Edgar was lost in thought.

He had expected this day to come. He had thought that after he steadied himself, he would let out his identity of the leader of the dark shadow group.

It was well known that Hengli Group engaged in real estate, medicine and food industry. But medicine and food were mostly engaged.

It was said that more than ten years ago, in the Shadow Group of America, they became famous because of drug dealing and their force was one of the best in America.

After all, the CEO of Hengli Group could be regarded as the member of Shadow, so the medicine and food of Hengli would be badly affected.

Those suppliers who cooperated with the Hengli Group didn't dare to go against the Shadow, but they might terminate their cooperation with the Hengli Group to publicize their justice.

After a long time of silence, Edgar finally made an incredible decision after deep consideration.

"Edward, I decide to give up the position..." Edgar raised his head and looked at Edward.

"Edgar, you! What did you say? "

Ignoring his astonishment, Edgar continued, "I underestimated that man's ability."

Edward was confused. "Edgar, what are you talking about?"

Edgar was lost in thought for a moment. Then, he stood up and walked to the window, looking at the outside view. Anyone who was familiar with him could know that he was thinking.

"Do you know what clues dad left for me?"

Hearing that, Edward shook his head all of a sudden and said, "What?"

Edgar said in a cold voice, "it's Edward!

"What? Me?! " Edward was surprised, and then seemed to react.

He suddenly stood up from the sofa and asked, "You mean, I've killed Mr. Scott, right?"

A hint of fury rose from the look of surprise. Edward couldn't believe that his so-called good friend even suspected him.

Edgar seemed to be making a statement. His calm tone did not change, nor did he car

d them to the corner of the desk.

"This is the evidence I found for Ivy. After I left, you helped me to get her innocence back.

Hearing that, Edward shook his head desperately. He refused, "Edgar, what are you doing? Why don't you do it yourself? "

A tinge of sadness flashed across Edgar's deep eyes. "I don't have much time left!"

Finally, he gave Edward an explanation.

Hearing that, a glimmer of pain rose in Edward's heart, but he still showed an expression of anger. "Edgar, are you so coward just because you don't want to live anymore? What about the murderer who killed your father? What about the murderer who poisoned you? Have you accepted all this in silence? Are you such a coward?

Edgar frowned and shook his head. He looked at Edward, knowing that clearly he had misunderstood him.

"No, you're wrong. I'm not making a concession. Of course I can't stand to be slaughtered, nor can I walk away."

Later, Edward heard Edgar groan, "Since they have made such great efforts to kill me and I have done so much for it, of course I have to prepare well for it. I will fight back when I am in desperation."

Edward's eyes suddenly lit up. It seemed that he had thought of something. He walked up to Edgar and asked, "Edgar, do you mean..."

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