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   Chapter 76 Where Have You Been

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"Where have you gone, Ivy..."

When Leo, who was standing outside the door, saw Ivy, who was walking towards him slowly, he walked up angrily.

When he approached her, he was astonished to see the ragged dress on her.

"Ivy, you..."

He remembered clearly that Ivy was in the supermarket, but he waited for a long time, she did not come out. Then he ran into the supermarket and asked the personnel, only to find that she had left.

Leo thought she must go back to the apartment and then he came back.

But Ivy didn't come back.

As soon as the accident was mentioned, the sole thought in his mind had been exactly the opposite of his wish. He had wished to slap her. He was too anxious to explain everything to Edgar.

She had come back.

Today, she wore a pink back and maternity pants, and a very ordinary white T-shirt, but at this moment, no color could be seen.

If her face was not bad, the Leo really thought that she had been robbed. Her red lips were like drinking blood, and her face of sweat fell on her clothes, as if she had been thrown into the garbage after rob.

Wearing a weary and discomfited look, Ivy didn't say anything or explain. She just glanced at the Leo in front of her casually, and then opened the door of the apartment and went straight into it.

At the same time, it was Edgar who was still in the suburb.

He was deep in thought. Edward knelt in front of him with all kinds of loopholes in her words. He soon made a decision.

Edgar squinted and then opened his eyes again. He asked, "where is the place where I saved you?"

Kneeling on the ground, Edward was complacent about what he had said. But the word from Edgar that "The place he saved me." Suddenly, his shoulder unconsciously trembled.

What on earth was he talking about? 'a place I know?'? How could I know! Damn! To continue pretending or to confess?

"Boss, the place where you saved me is..." Her clumsy behavior was really ironic to Edgar. 'He is not Edward!' he th

had said that he could restrain the poison for half a year at most. He had thought that he could accompany her for at least half a year, and he thought it was enough.

But now, his wish had been shattered by someone. Damn it! Damn it!

Fine, forget it. She should hate him. He had been worried about her melancholy these days, but now he could relieve.

She would definitely take revenge on him if she hated him. It was good, at least, she would have the motivation to live on.

In the past few days, he was really afraid that she was depressed and thought of committing suicide. It was all right. He knew that she would definitely live on. That was all.

Thinking of this, Edgar suddenly felt a pang in his heart. He was going to lose her. From then on, strangers became enemies.

At Hengli Group.

Sitting at his desk, Edgar fixed his eyes on it and listened carefully to Edward's report.

"Edgar, because of the exposure of your identity, all the suppliers of Hengli Group have terminated cooperation with us, and even those domestic suppliers have terminated with us.

What's more, some small enterprises, which were bought by us, got into paralysis Uh huh, Hengli Group is on the verge of bankruptcy. "

Speaking of this, Edward paused powerlessly. He didn't expect that Hengli Group could be like that.

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